the weekly ring : vintage emeralds

vintage emerald engagement ring

I’ve got a soft spot for emeralds.  these vintage rings from Erstwhile Jewelry Co. are just stunning, aren’t they?  I just love that vibrant green.


8 Responses to “the weekly ring : vintage emeralds”

  1. Amanda Swann said:

    Oh major drool over that first one! Green is my favorite color, so I’m a softie for emeralds.

  2. Sally Mae said:

    Wowza! This brought a smile to my face today…although not quite my style. ;) I am in the market for a new wedding ring though. I lost mine after giving the baby a massage:( I’ll stay tuned for something a bit more practical!

    • alyson said:

      oh no! bummer Sally! I’ll look for some ideas with you in mind for next week. :)

  3. Cas said:

    Oh my. I love emeralds too and my engagement ring is from 1914. The first two rings are killer.

  4. indreams said:

    emeralds are my favourite gemstone ever. i can almost always tell the real from the colour-treated, too…they just have this other-worldly glow to them…now if only i could own a beauty like one of these!!

  5. caroline said:

    gorgeous. growing up my mom had an gorgeous emerald ring that i would always take off her finger and casually slip on to mine. she was a good sport.

  6. Billie said:

    I share your love of emeralds. My engagement ring (gifted from my ring obsessed aunt) is emerald and diamond.

  7. caroline said:

    so pretty! emerald has always been my favorite stone. vintage emerald is so much more beautiful than current or more recent.