little things : balance bike or scooter?


a certain someone will be turning two in just two short months.  while we plan his party, we’re also thinking about what will be the perfect gift.  we’ve had a toss up between a balance bike, a scooter and a regular trike.  all seem like they’d be great and develop lots of different skills so we’re torn.  I’ve gone back and forth from a balance bike to a trike about five times already!  and a scooter just seems like so much fun.

house of habit scooter

here’s a few we’re looking at:


one : novara balance bike / two : mini 3in1 kickboard scooter / three : mini kick scooter / four : strider balance bike / five : radio flyer tricycle / six : smart gear balance bike

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12 Responses to “little things : balance bike or scooter?”

  1. Erica said:

    Leon got a kick scooter for his 2nd and an early rider balance bike for his 3rd. He still uses both. I decided to not do the tricycle. I rarely see little kids enjoying them compare with the bike and scooter.

  2. Stacey said:

    Our daughter was given a regular two wheel bike with training wheels for her bday when she was three. We used it that way for a little bit then decided to take it to our local bike store where they removed the training wheels, pedals and chain. Once she was totally comfortable with her balance and steering we had the parts put back on and she was pedaling her two wheeler bike with no help from us. My advice is to avoid the trike all together. It kills your back having to bend over all the time helping them steer or pushing them because they tire of pedaling.

  3. Stacey said:

    Hi! We got our son a Strider Balance Bike for his 2nd birthday. He’s a very cautious boy and feels unsure and intimidated by this bike still and he’s almost three. We’re hoping that after this long winter he will be happier to try it again. It feels like we are always trying to talk him into trying it. So, if your son has any of these same personality traits, I might go for another style. Some kids seem to just love it! Our son is very independent and smart so we thought this would appeal to him. But…oh well. He is getting a the Radio Flyer tricycle for his third birthday ;)

  4. rebecca said:

    we’ve got a hand-me-down wooden balance bike that our almost 3 year old is walking around. (hasn’t sat and glided yet, though.) he’s got a big brother who’s inspiring him to get on something and ride. he also enjoys pushing himself backwards on the kettler trike, but pedaling forwards is still too hard. (thankfully there’s a push bar for us!) i’ve seen kids really take the the strider bike with the lower seat, and our local toy store carries the kazam balance bike that might also be nice for the smaller rider b/c of the easy leg pass through.

  5. Tracie said:

    We gave Oliver a KaZAM balance bike for his second birthday. He never had training wheels on his regular bike that we got when he turned four. It was the perfect trainer for him!

  6. sara said:

    we recently got the mini kick and d looooooves it!! he’s three and a half, though…. and i’m not sure he would have been ready for it a whole lot sooner.

    and ditto to what stacey said above… we have a balance bike (the prince lionheart wooden one) and he’ll pretend to use it down the hallway but isn’t comfortable enough to really use it out and about… he’s super cautious, my guy.

    he got a kettler trike (with the heavy duty wheels) around 18 months and we used the push-bar and pedal platform on walks until he was ready to get going on his own… he’s been pedaling by himself for a long time and still loves it! xx

  7. mary said:

    Just take the peddles off a regular bike. You could also take off the chain.

  8. Courtney said:

    I have 3 boys who all used balance bikes and went straight to 2 wheel bikes with perfect balance. They also had loads of fun on them. I recommend them to anyone with kids in the 2-3 range.

  9. Bonnie said:

    Balance bike all the way. I am in Denmark and all the littles use balance bikes before learning to ride a regular bike. They are soo cute ‘riding’ around on the balance bikes.

  10. julia [lifeonchurchill] said:

    My son has the red strider. I think its a great bike! He is finally outgrowing it (he’s 5) but it was great for a few years. The seat adjusts too.

  11. Sara Struckman said:

    It all depends on the kid, but I do think balance bikes are better for 3 years and up. My son didn’t rock his until he was 3 1/2. He rode it for a year and got really, really good at it. Then he started riding a bike (with complete confidence – no trainers) at 4 1/2. My daughter is very cautious at it and she’s 2 1/2. I have a feeling it will take her awhile to get used to it.

    I think trikes are great for teaching how to pedal. Kids seem to be able to use them earlier too. All three are great choices and will help your son in different ways, just like you said.