little things : mini yoga


do you practice yoga?  I’ve been practicing off and on for about 10 years now and often call it my sanity.  I did prenatal yoga while pregnant with Wolf but fell out of practice once I started to feel “too big” and didn’t get back into it until he was over a year old.  I have been most serious about my practice within the past year and I feel so grounded mentally and the strongest that I’ve ever felt in my life.

yoga excites me and I’m excited about eventually exposing Wolf to yoga.  we’ve been practicing downward dog at home, but these days it most often ends in tumbles and giggles.  I’ve read that yoga for kids is mostly about developing imagination while teaching them to use their bodies in a fun and positive way.  plus, it’ll not only help them sleep better, feel calmer and concentrate longer in school but it can also help them to be more fit and run faster, too.  and what kid doesn’t want to run faster?


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5 Responses to “little things : mini yoga”

  1. célia said:

    I’ve been practicing yoga on a regular basis for 2 years. I agree with you, it´s my sanity, helps me clear my mind and focus on the important things. Hope Wolf will like it!

  2. Alex said:

    Beautiful photos! I did practice yoga a while ago and it made me feel so well… I miss it now, after reading your post, I think I should go back to yoga!
    Thanks for sharing!