our trip to the Philippines : part 3 of 3


our third and final adventure in the Philippines was a trip to Coron, Palawan to stay on a secluded island only accessible by boat called Dimakya Island.  the resort on the Island is called Club Paradise and it lives up to it’s name.  the island is stunning – complete with gorgeous white sandy beaches, a house reef, fantastic food and a friendly staff.


to get to Coron, we took an hour flight from Manila into Busuanga Airport, hopped into a van for another 30 min ride to a dock where a boat was waiting for us.  we then embarked on a scenic boat ride through mangroves and out into the turquoise waters of the Sulu Sea, passing tiny island after tiny island until we finally reached Dimakya Island.  we were greeted with a traditional song by the island staff and a fancy drink to sip on.  then we set out to find out cottage and explore the beaches.


white sand was just a few steps from our cottage so we spent the afternoon beach side.  then we headed to dinner, which was set up on the beach the first night.  three guitar players entertained us with traditional songs as well as well known covers.  Wolf loved dancing with them and running around in the sand.


one of the most fascninating things about Dimakya Island is the bat show at sunset.  everyday at sunset, thousands of bats fly away from the island to go hunt on nearby islands.  it’s an incredible event to watch – the sky is literally filled with bats as they fly out of the cave at the end of the island.  the top picture here shows the bats hanging in the trees and the bottom photo is of course the bats flying at sunset.


the next day we went on an island hopping tour.  we set out a boat and explored the near by islands.  our first stop was to snorkel at a near by reef.  we saw the most beautiful fish!!  a few angelfish, parrot fish, a cowfish and many many others.  again, we had an underwater camera, so hopefully those turn out!


next we headed to a little island with a long, white sandy beach.  I think this was Wolf’s favorite part of the trip.  the waves weren’t big so we let him run in the water as much as he wanted without worrying that he’d get swept away.  he LOVED it.  we played here for a little while before heading on to the next stop on our island hopping tour – Isla Walang Langaw or Island with No Trees.


Wolf was so tired from all that wave jumping that he crashed on the boat.  that happened quite often on our boat adventures.  all the swaying and bobbing was just right to lull him into sleep.  so we explored the island while my Dad watched him sleeping on the boat.  it turns out that there are a few trees on Isla Walang Langaw, but the most impressive thing on the island is the giant rock formations.  there’s a little cave that goes through one side and out onto the other which was a perfect picture spot and a great place for hidden shells.  then we headed back to the resort.


the flora on Dimakya Island was so pretty.  bouganvilla and hibiscus lined the walkways and plumeria hung in the trees.  palm trees were scattered on the beach.  and the wildlife on the island amazed me.  the sea turtles in the reef.  all the unusual birds.  yellow ones, blue ones and green ones.  and of course, the bats.  but then there was the bioluminescent plankton at night along the water where the waves were crashing, that glowed bright blue.


I wish we’d had more time to explore Coron.  there’s a wildlife sanctuary with giraffe and zebras and plenty more islands to explore, but that’s for another trip.  we loved Dimakya Island with it’s white sandy beaches and would be delighted to go back.

I hope you enjoyed me sharing details and photos of our trip.  being that this was our third trip to the Philippines, we felt like we were seasoned travelers.  I’m beginning to be able to speak a little Tagalog – isa pa! which means, another as in another San Miguel Pale, please!  we’re already thinking about our next trip but we decided we’ll wait until Wolf is old enough to appreciate it.  he’s still really young, doesn’t understand discipline yet and hates the word no.  so being in a new, non-babyproofed place all the time meant we had our eyes and hands on him always.  but we’re happy that we have these photos and many many stories to share with him.

to recap, here’s part one and part two and you can see all of the trips, including trips from previous years, by clicking here.


12 Responses to “our trip to the Philippines : part 3 of 3”

  1. Claire said:

    What beautiful, beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing your trip with us.

  2. angie said:

    I’m yearning for a tropical vacation!! and never thought of the Philippines as such a beautiful place! adding it to my bucket list.

  3. brii said:

    is that an Ilana Kohn shirt I spy?

  4. Elizabeth said:

    Your sunset pictures are so pretty! I can never manage to take good pictures of the sunset. Thanks for sharing your adventure!

  5. Michelle Smid said:

    Beautiful photos! I loved looking at them. Wolf looks so big and grown up.

  6. Jenny said:

    Your dad is a great tour guide. He brought you to all the best spots in the Philippines. Of course, there are a few more places you have to visit the next time you’re back. I love seeing how foreigners see my country.

    • alyson said:

      thanks Jenny!! indeed – he’s a great tour guide! this was the third time we’ve visited and have been to Puerta Gallera and Boracay too! but agreed, there’s plenty more of those 7000+ islands to explore. :)

  7. Kathryn said:

    What a lovely trip! And gorgeous photos… I’ve always wanted to visit the Philippines. It’s inspiring to see you traveling so far with a little one too – we hope to keep traveling when we have little ones!

  8. giulia said:

    These photos are amazing. I can’t stop looking at them and daydreaming…

  9. Elaine said:

    Clicked over here from Cup of Jo. What a lovely vacation. I’m Filipino… did anyone over there tell you that Walang Langaw means “No Flies”?