right this second…


we’re back!! but feeling:
wishful that Wolf will stop partying from 11-3am.

I’m disappointed to hear:
about the end of Google Reader.  I’m thinking about The Old Reader or Feedly, what about you?

I’m looking forward to:
mom’s night at next week at Worthy Brewing Company.

I’m excited about:
spring and longer days.

like I said, we’re back!  but I’m not 100% by any means.  Wolf’s little body still hasn’t adjusted to the time zone here.  for those of you wondering, it’s 15 hours ahead in the Philippines.  so we’re a little upside down right now.  the above photo is one of the many photos we took while on our trip.  we’ve got close to 500 to edit!  I can’t wait to share them with you, perhaps next week.  until then… have a wonderful weekend friends!!

{photo by either myself or Levi.  I can’t remember!}

6 Responses to “right this second…”

  1. Julie said:

    Welcome back! Enjoyed your instagram photos while you were away!

  2. Jessica said:

    Feedly. It’s beautiful. I like it so much better than google reader. Check out the magazine view.

  3. Lexie said:

    What a classic picture! Wolf is such a little man now!

  4. Lisa Maria said:

    Cute photo! I actually just switched and am reading this on Feedly right now. So far, so good!!