right this second…


I’m hoping:
the days start to feel more like Spring.

I’m loving:
the new arrivals at Vuela Boutique, especially this watch!
these creepy, abandon theme parks.
100 Layer Cake-let.  seriously good stuff.
these five great tips, via Joanna.

I’m wanting:
just about everything from the kids new arrivals at Steven Alan.
this dress.
these jeans.  {anyone have them?  love ‘em?}
these shorts.  {and the blouse, too, for that matter}
a chalkboard wall.

that’s all folks!  have a wonderful weekend.

{image from Joana Rosa Bragança}

6 Responses to “right this second…”

  1. victoria said:

    ohhh, thanks for the myth & symbol reminder – such a nicely curated collection of pieces.

  2. Sara said:

    I LOVE those jeans–been wearing them for a year and a half and they only get better with age.

  3. Char said:

    I keep going back and forth on wanting a chalkboard wall.

  4. robyn said:

    I would love a chalk board wall. I’m moving in 3 weeks…it is on my list!

  5. Elizabeth said:

    Those jeans are on sale at madewell stores! they look lovely on long legs but unfortunately that wash isn’t the most flattering on everyone…. love, an anonymous madewell employee

  6. Monica said:

    I have those Madewell jeans in black and they are worn more than any of my other jeans! I have to force myself to wear my other jeans because I only want to wear that pair. I have been wearing them maybe 4x a week since fall and they are holding up great. (and they look nice!)