bite + sip : stuffed sweet potatoes

stuffed sweet potatoes : unruly things

Levi and I eat mostly vegetarian, though on occasion we eat fish.  that occasion was almost every night while we were in the Philippines.  don’t get me wrong – it was amazing to have Dorado, grilled to perfection, or fresh caught tuna dipped into a soy sauce concoction complete with calamansi but toward the end I started to feel “fished out”.

when looking for things to add to our grocery list this week, we knew we wanted meals that were not only easy for a tired and jetlagged person to prepare but also filled with lots of fresh veggies.  I’ve prepared sweet potatoes like a regular baked potato and loaded them with sour cream, chives and cheese, but have never made them like this.  they are so good!!  I’ll definitely be making them again, perhaps with mushrooms and spinach next time.

{recipes can be found at the kitchn.  images by Emily Ho.}

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  1. erica said:

    oh yum that looks so delicious. sweet potatoes are my silver bullet. feeding a little one can be so challenging, but the sweet potato always does the trick!