52 weeks of Wolf : 22:52

52 weeks of Wolf : 22.52 / photo by Alyson Brown, Unruly Things

I can’t believe it.

this kid is two.  and as if overnight, he really became two.  he’s developed a little bit of maturity that comes along with no longer being a baby.  I have to catch myself because I constantly call him baby endearingly and pretty soon I know that’ll offend him.  he’s big kid, through and through.

I have to share a little convo we had on Monday.  it still makes me giggle.  it went a little like this:

me: “hey Wolf, what do you want for dinner?”
Wolf: “how ’bout cake?”
me: “no, we’re not going to have cake for dinner. what else would you like?”
Wolf: “how ’bout ice cweam?”

this kid.  I just love him to pieces.  happiest birthday, little Wolf.

8 Responses to “52 weeks of Wolf : 22:52”

  1. Rebecca said:

    Oh so so love! What a cutie. I have one of those who asks for ice cream for breakfast. xo

  2. Jennifer said:

    Love this photo, absolutely beautiful! Happy 2nd Birthday Wolf!! My daughter will be 2 in less then 2 weeks, wolf and Chloe sound so much alike!

  3. Maxabella said:

    Every now and then I like to serve up cake for dinner. Just to light up those little faces. He’s onto something… cake with ice cream for dessert! Yes! x

  4. Kacie said:

    What a great capture! I can never manage to get bubbles to show up well.

  5. cortnie said:

    I’ve had these same conversations! :)


  6. Julie said:

    Two really good dinner choices, though personally I would have gone for the icecream first and the cake second