bite + sip : a birthday cake

birthday cake

somebody turned two over the weekend.  TWO.  I can hardly believe it.  it’s like all of a sudden, he’s full blown kid.  since we were out of town over his birthday, he’s had two celebrations and two cakes already!  one iced to look like a watermelon {big hit!!} and a banana cake with cream cheese frosting {also, a big hit!!}  plus, we’re throwing him another party at home this weekend, so I get the chance to make him yet another cake.  part of me wants to make cupcakes, like we did last year, and part of me loves the idea of a big, dramatic cake.

what are you favorite cake recipes?  mine is this one.  but I’m leaning toward trying this one for the party this weekend.

{photo from seven spoons}


5 Responses to “bite + sip : a birthday cake”

  1. Michelle Smid said:

    That video is hilarious! I love that. And the yellow cake is so pretty! Happy Birthday Wolf!

  2. MFree said:

    All those cakes sound delish! I’ve been hooked on a Deborah Madison cakes lately. Most of them use stone fruit and honey..less sugar. I just made one with polenta that was so amazing.

  3. erica said:

    lucky boy, that is a beautiful looking cake!

  4. tara said:

    two! already?! my gosh, how the time flies. that video is adorable, and as my younger turns five in a few weeks, I think we might be needing a watermelon cake.

    happy days to your little man.