currently coveting : jennie kwon earrings

Jennie Kwon / Unruly Things

every since my kiddo discovered he could latch on to my pretty dangly earrings, I’ve found myself wearing studs.  but my collection needs a jumpstart.  I’d happily take one of everything from Jennie Kwon’s collection.  then mix and match!

p.s.  now I really want a second earring hole.

Jennie Kwon / Unruly Things


5 Responses to “currently coveting : jennie kwon earrings”

  1. indreams said:

    yes!! when i was younger, i used to want earrings all the way up my ear (only on one side)…and to be honest, i kind of still do! but i think a 2nd hole is probably a bit more manageable. :)

  2. Gemma said:

    I have a second hole on one side and am getting tempted to wear an earring in it for the first time in almost 15 years…

  3. Sarge in Charge said:

    I just started using my second holes for the first time in years and now I want a third! This could be a slippery slope… next thing I know I’ll be the girl with earrings all the way up the ear (which wouldn’t be so bad)!