listening to : lyndsey battle – all ways in a good way

Lyndsey Battle

do you ever hear a new band or a new song and just have that overwhelming feeling of happiness that brings a smile to your face?  that’s how I felt this morning when I listened to music from Lyndsey Battle.  Lyndsey is a a singer/songwriter living in Humboldt County, California.  her music is a mixture of blues, jazz and folk.  I first met Lyndsey, years ago – I think we may have been 12 or 13, or possibly even younger.  she’s always had her heart in music, and I always knew she was pretty great, but I didn’t know just how great she was until listening to her today.  her music is bright and infectious and just a joy to listen to.

Lyndsey and her band mates started a Kickstarter project to fund their next album, All Ways in a Good Way.  they began recording the songs, mostly live, in late March, and the full-length album is almost ready to send off to press.  the tracks include strumming from the ukelele, banjo, mandolin and guitar, the beautiful tones from an upright bass, and even a magical drum kit made of pots and pans, an abacus, suitcase and other fun noisy things.  you can read their story, help fund their new album and listen to a sneak peek from their new album here.

below is a video from their Humboldt Live Session, making me smile today.  another song I really REALLY love is this one titled The Summer You Were Two.  enjoy.