little things : a wishlist for turning 2


a certain someone is turning two this weekend.  here’s a few things from his wish list.

one : press here / two : stuck / three : spinning tops / four : mini baja hoodie / five : checkerboard racing shoes / six : a little school bus / seven : mini kick / eight : a rad outdoor playhouse


4 Responses to “little things : a wishlist for turning 2”

  1. Claudia Bravo MacPherson said:

    B was gifted both books for his 2nd birthday. We had lots of guests for this birthday so I opted to create a book birthday wish list on Amazon and this worked out so great for us! One of my favorites was Beautiful Oops by Barney Saltzberg you can view a video of the book on Amazon. I think they’re such a sweet message behind the book. I hope you had a lovely second birthday! Happy Birthday Mr. Wolf!

  2. caroline said:

    I had to comment on how much I love that Press Here book! I first randomly saw it in a gift shop in Portland stood there for 5 minutes reading/doing the book and just thought how fun this book would be for kids. That book and The Little Pea are always my go-to books for toddlers!