52 weeks of Wolf : 24.52

52 weeks of Wolf : 24.52 / photo by Alyson Brown, Unruly Things

Wolf started preschool this week.  he’s going to a little Waldorf inspired preschool right down the street from us, just two days a week.  the kids in his summer group vary in ages from 2-3.75 years old.  I was worried about having bigger kids in his group but so far he loves it.  his teachers say aside from needing to follow directions a little better, he’s been doing a great job!  he even made a new friend, just a week younger than him.  they’re the youngest in the group and they played in the sandbox together, painted together and sat next to each other at lunch.  {sooooo cute.}  I talked to my mom and she said that’s how I met my first best friend.  she and I were the youngest in the group and we just became attached.  it’ll be fun to see if Wolf attaches to this little boy.

and – drum roll please….. his two final molars finally popped through.  we’re done with teeth!!!! hallelujah!

such a big week for milestones.

4 Responses to “52 weeks of Wolf : 24.52”

  1. LaurenT said:

    Yay Wolf! It must be nice to have some dedicated time now to get stuff done! How long does he go for? Colin starts “preschool” next week, 2 days as well but it’s a 5 hour day and I’m a bit nervous that’s too long.

    • alyson said:

      he goes from 9-1 and I think it’s perfect! since he’s napping around 1:30, I pick him up, then we come home, read stories then he naps. :)

  2. victoria said:

    … worried about having bigger kids in his group? You mean kids that are 1.75 years bigger? That’s what life is all about! He’ll start the program as the younger guy, learning, watching, studying – then end the program as the older dude, a mentor and leader.