bite + sip : comfort food

comfort food

we’ve taken a trip back in time with our weather.  today it’s barely 55 degrees outside and has been raining off and on.  I dug out my furry slipper and even turned the heat on!!  not fun.  come back, summer!

whenever the temperature dips and the skies are moody, I crave comfort food.  I spotted this polenta recipe yesterday and am dying to give it a try.  but tonight I’m making this spaghetti sauce for the umpteenth time.  I think I’ll get a nice loaf of bread and perhaps a bottle of wine to go with it, too.

what are you favorite comfort foods?

One Response to “bite + sip : comfort food”

  1. Michelle Smid said:

    I love a good soup when the weather is cool. Not the healthiest choice, but I’d say my favourite is baked potato soup with creme freche, chives and bacon bits on top. Extra peppery!