hansel from basel, s/s ’13 + a dotty giveaway!

hansel from basel

I love these images from the latest collection from Hansel from Basel.  there are so many cute polka dot socks in bright and cheerful colors.  there’s even a kids shop, too!  how cute are these strawberry socks?

hansel from basel hansel from basel

to celebrate their latest collection, I’ve partnered up with Hansel from Basel for a fun giveaway here on UT today for one of these pretty polka dot envelope clutches.  pretty cute, right?  to enter, simply visit Hansel from Basel and let us know what you like best from their shop.  then leave a comment here before Saturday, June 8 at 5pm PST to win!  limited to US residents only.  good luck!





37 Responses to “hansel from basel, s/s ’13 + a dotty giveaway!”

  1. Lindsay said:

    I love all the socks! I think my favorite item is the swiss dot tights.

  2. Becky B said:

    I like the zigzag bag!

  3. Liz R. said:

    I love the donegal kneepad tights! What a cool little shop.

  4. rebecca said:

    i love the cb bag but it’s hard to choose!

  5. Esme said:

    These look positively delectable, not to mention warm and simple:

    silk rib crew

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  6. Jessica W.S. said:

    I think my favs right now are the polkadot envelope clutch and the ‘dot support thigh hi’.

  7. Stephanie said:

    LOVE the kids socks!!

  8. Lauren said:

    Particularly love the zig zag clutch.

  9. Jo said:

    I love the sweet children’s socks!

  10. Katie said:

    I like the fuzzy cable crew sock!

  11. Heather Hicks said:

    I like the zig zag bag.

  12. Kristina M said:

    i really love their donegal kneepad tights. so cute!

  13. Allison said:

    Luchadores Baby Socks!

  14. Martita said:

    I love the Pixie Tights and Strawberry socks!

  15. Mara Dawn said:

    I love Hansel from Basel. I really like the envelope you’re giving away as well as the mismatto anklet sock.

  16. Emily B said:

    I love the zig-zag bag, it would be perfect for the beach or a picnic!


  17. Jamie S said:

    I love the zig-zag tote!

  18. kathy said:

    I love the donegal kneepad tights as well, love how they mimick elbowpads on blazers and sweaters. I have a few pairs of their socks (similar to the pair in the first image) and I always get compliments on them!

  19. Ainsley said:

    Love them all, but the puff cb anklet is my jam!

  20. Rachael said:

    artwork floral tights are gorgeous!

  21. Lindsay Blade said:

    Oh the socks!!! And the zigzag clutch! <3

  22. Emily K. said:

    Love the swiss dot tights! And of course the clutch that’s up for grabs :)

  23. Natalie said:

    I love the puff cb anklet!

  24. Elysia said:

    The CB bag and envelopes are super adorable! :)

  25. Rosa said:

    Thumbprint crew socks are my kind of socks!

  26. Kari said:

    The jaspar floral tight is amazing.

  27. mridula said:

    OMG their artwork floral tights. The envelop eis cute too. thank you for the chance.

  28. sara said:

    love the textile tight for my little girl come fall!

  29. christie said:

    nautical stripe crew socks! :)

  30. sf11 said:

    The zig zag bag is great.

  31. Jillian said:

    those strawberry socks are super cute!

  32. Hanna said:

    I’ve been wanting the sheer polka dot crew and waffle crew.

  33. Claudia Bravo MacPherson said:

    I have a very special spot in my heart for envelope clutches! It was the very last birthday gift sweet Tommy got me. I love their simplicity. xo C

  34. sue said:

    I have always loved the Donegal kneepad tights!