newly reset diamond earrings

Jennie Kwon reset diamond earrings / Alyson Brown of Unruly Things

early in May, I shared with you my new found favorite earrings from the collection of Jennie Kwon.  over time, I’ve fallen hard for her jewelry.  it’s so beautiful in a simple, yet elegant way.  we’ve connected in many ways over the internet and I’m now happy to call this gal my friend.

I asked Jennie if she’d be interested in resetting a pair of princess cut diamond earrings for me that Levi gave me almost 7 years ago, on our first Christmas together.  they were originally set in platinum, in a very simple setting but over the years I’d found myself not wearing them because I preferred to wear gold.  I longed to wear them again, not only for the symbolism but also because the diamonds were just so pretty.  that’s where Jennie stepped in.

many emails back and forth and a few weeks later, my new earrings arrived.  I can’t stop staring at them and grinning widely from ear to ear.  Jennie reverse set them in rose gold and added a tiny black diamond off to the side.  I’m convinced that the inverted diamond is twice as sparkly as it was before and the rose gold is just the perfect shade of pink.  so pretty, right?

Jennie Kwon reset diamond earrings / Alyson Brown of Unruly Things

check out Jennie’s collection for more beautiful jewelry.


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  1. Mira said:

    just beautiful, Alyson!