WildCraft Studio

WildCraft Studio

WildCraft is a creative space in the Columbia River Gorge, right outside Portland, OR, offering classes, workshops and events to the public.  the genius behind WildCraft is my friend Chelsea Heffner, formerly of plainMADE.  WildCraft has a fantastic line up of workshops scheduled this summer such as Screenprinting 101, Weaving in the Wild and Natural Dyes from Weeds & Wilds.  they just made their Kickstarter goal to help fund the classes and I’m so excited for them!!  check out this beautiful video about WildCraft from their Kickstarter page.

if you’re in Portland, or anywhere near by for that matter, have a look at their schedule of courses and pick something out to attend!  Chelsea tells me they have plans for a late summer Wild Supper, a dinner party with vegetables from their garden and pizza from their own woodfired earth-oven, which I’m hoping to attend.  dreamy, right?  they also have an online shop and are printing limited edition prints for each of the workshops this summer.

WildCraft Studio WildCraft Studio WildCraft Studio

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  1. Chelsea said:

    So pretty, thank you for such a thoughtful post, Alyson! WildSupper is in the works, meanwhile, I’m hustling for this weekend’s MidSummer party. See you soon!