little things : Wolf’s favorite toys

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toys have taken on a whole new level these days.  if it doesn’t build, light up, make noise or roll, it’s just not fun.  in an effort to be more earth friendly, I’ve tried to focus my new toy purchases for him on being recycled or wooden.  sometimes it doesn’t always end up that way, but at least I’m making an effort!  these are a few of Wolf’s recent favorites.

one : toy banjo / two : wooden drum / three : police car / four : train set / five : play kitchen {while we don’t have a play kitchen yet, we’re looking to get one!  Wolf loves to pretend to cook while I’m making dinner} / six : sliceable fruit / seven : sorting board

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  1. PJ said:

    If you’re thinking of getting a play kitchen, I’d look into the Playfully Delicious Gourmet Kitchen by Hape. My two-year-old, Levi, absolutely LOVES his, and I love that it has a simple wooden design.