recent work : mavenhaus

Mavenhaus, logo design by Alyson Brown

I recently worked with one of my very favorite bloggers, the lovely Mrs. French of Bliss, on a exciting new endeavor that she’s begun.  together with her sister Tara, Traci started a media company that focuses on bringing the power of pinners/mavens together with brands/talent.  thus Mavenhaus was born.

I worked with Traci on the logo and site design.  then my husband Levi developed it.  {we’re a good team}  have a look!

Mavenhaus, website design by Alyson & Levi Brown Mavenhaus, logo design by Alyson Brown

if you’re interested in working with me on a project, check out my most recent work on Dribbble or on my portfolio and get in touch!


4 Responses to “recent work : mavenhaus”

  1. Emily said:

    A beautiful logo! Such a lovely color palette! Thanks for sharing

  2. LaurenT said:

    Awesome work Scooby! You both are so talented :)

  3. Angel Y. said:

    I love being married to a developer, it makes things so much easier! I do some development work but not nearly as much as my husband. The site looks great! I love the dark focus with the brighter colors. You don’t see too many dark sites lately but I really like it. Great job.