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Unruly Things - show me your stack : Shanan Kurtz

today’s stack comes from a lovely gal named Shanan.  Shanan is a graphic designer who moved from Toronto up to the country last year. she’s got a sweet little girl named Theodora and she writes a blog called The Symmetric.  here’s what Shanan has to say about her stack.

My rings are a ‘sentimental stack’ : The gold with peridot was my sister’s when she was a kid (it’s her birthstone).  The aquamarine teardrop ring is my engagement ring, which my husband got from his mother (her and I were both born in March) – I love how unusual it is.  The deep red octagonal seal ring was an Ebay find from late 19th century England.  It has a bird carved into it and was one of those purchases that really felt like it signified my independence at a particular point in my life.

The thin silver band was from my mother’s jewelry box, and the vintage gold band actually has a cut through the back (you can see it in the 2nd pic!) from when my dad had a business buying gold.  And the silver and black skinny band… well, I got that one from Madewell a few months ago.  There had to be a ringer in there somewhere, right?

I just love the aquamarine stone, which has become one of my favorite gems.  are you interested in sharing your stack?  submit photos of your ring adorned fingers to hello {at} unruly-things {dot} com.

2 Responses to “show me your stack : Shanan Kurtz”

  1. silk said:

    I really enjoy this series.

    This one is lovely, once again. I love that Shanan photographed her hand holding a flower bouquet… :) and her rings are gorgeous of course!