bite + sip : my favorite teas

unruly things  ||  bite + sip : my favorite teas  ||  photos by Alyson Brown

I’m a tea drinker.  I drink it every day, in the morning and afternoon.  sure, I enjoy coffee every now and then too, but rarely brew my own.  tea is my caffeination of choice.  it’s so versatile and there are so many different kinds to try!  with Fall in the air and the temperatures dropping, I thought this would be the perfect time to share with you a few of my favorite teas.

unruly things  ||  bite + sip : my favorite teas  ||  photos by Alyson Brown

every morning with breakfast, I drink chai.  one of my favorites is Vanilla Spiced from Townshends, right here in Bend.  but recently I tried Blue Lotus Chai and loved it.  it’s super easy to make and doesn’t require steeping!  I’m also loving the chai blend from Lonepine Coffee {shown below} also in Bend.  this rooibos chai is an excellent, non-caffeinated chai if you’re not looking for a little pick-me-up.  I like my chai strong, sweetened with honey or brown sugar and almond milk.

unruly things  ||  bite + sip : my favorite teas  ||  photos by Alyson Brown

when I’m drinking green tea, I love jasmine.  my new favorite is Mint Leaf Jasmine and an old standby is Silver Leaf Jasmine.

unruly things  ||  bite + sip : my favorite teas  ||  photos by Alyson Brown

I don’t drink much white tea, but I recently tried this Coconut Creme White from The Art of Tea and it’s AMAZING.  I was drinking it by the pitcher iced this summer and I’ll be enjoying it with a splash of almond milk hot as the temperatures dip.

unruly things  ||  bite + sip : my favorite teas  ||  photos by Alyson Brown

and of course the right teaware is essential.  I love our little teapot.  it’s the perfect size for two cups!  it’s important to me to have a good mug.  and my new mug by Shino Takeda from Vuela Boutique is just right.  there are lots of great things at Vuela Boutique for tea drinking and the kitchen.  tea towels, spoons {which measure out tea or honey perfectly}, mugs and more.  have a look.

do you drink tea?  what are you favorites?

{mug, spoon and dish by Shino Takeda, ceramic coaster by B-Zippy and Co. all from Vuela Boutique  ||  photography by me}

6 Responses to “bite + sip : my favorite teas”

  1. debbie said:

    i love this post so much, alyson! i am a big tea drinker myself – haven’t been drinking the good stuff since i’ve been pregnant. i’m a big fan of traditional japanese green teas though! will have to try your recommendations after baby comes. :)

    love that mug too!

  2. Lauren C. said:

    You always feature my favorites- rings, vegetarian food, and now tea! Great post. I can’t wait to try some of your favorites. And that is a beautiful mug. A good mug makes all the difference. I’m pretty attached to the tankard mugs by Bennington pottery myself.

  3. Jee | Oh, How Civilized said:

    As a tea/afternoon tea blogger, it’s not surprising I love this post! Will have to hunt down the Vanilla Spiced from Townshends.

  4. Michelle Smid said:

    I’ve recently moved back to Canada, where I’m from, and I have rediscovered my favourite tea shop, Nikaido (http://www.nikaidogifts.com/) They have a delicious creamy earl grey that is absolutely divine. They have an array of delicious Chai’s (I could never pick a favourite one). My go to the last few weeks has been the one I just purchased from there called Marzipan. So good with a splash of almond milk on a grey afternoon.

  5. indreams said:

    yum! i’m such a tea-head too, haha…i’ve never had more than a sip of coffee (i’m a wimp – it’s just too bitter for me!), so tea is always my go-to warm drink. :)

    i’m a huge fan of decaf teas, although it’s hard to find ones that don’t become bitter quickly. david’s tea (www.davidstea.com) makes a gazillion amazing rooibos blends, yogi tea (www.yogiproducts.com) has a fantastic egyptian licorice tea, and i’m a total sucker for celestial seasonings’ ‘bengal spice’ – it’s such a great alternative to traditional (caffeinated) chai!

    i try not to be a mug-snob, too, but i absolutely love drinking from my kotobuki owl mug. it’s just the perfect size, and so darn cute. :)