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Unruly Things / Show Me Your Stack :: Alyson Brown

you guys, I’ve been dying to share my stack with you and have finally gotten the chance.  I’ve been awed at the response for this series and the incredible stacks that have been sent my way.  there sure are some beautiful rings out there!!  here are some details about my stack…

I wear my rings every day.  I wear them while I’m working out, cooking, sleeping, showering, swimming, hiking… you name it.  I do, however, take off my tiniest rings while I’m sleeping because after temporarily loosing one in the bed at night, I decided that was best.  the rest are permanent fixtures on my fingers and that’s what has been so important to me in developing my look.

my stack has taken me years to perfect, starting with my gorgeous engagement ring.  it’s a grey rose cut diamond from Kate Szabone.  I adore the ring so, so much, and naturally the significance that it represents.  it’s created the mood for my stack and I’ve built my collection around it.  with my engagement ring I’m wearing the black diamond circle eternity band by my friend Satomi Kawakita and one of the gathered rings from my friend Jen of Takara.

Unruly Things / Show Me Your Stack :: Alyson Brown

on my left pointer finger I’m wearing the Milkyway topaz ring from Julie Cohn and the sapphire Dais band from Bario Neal.  since both of my parent’s birthdays are in September, I got the sapphire band to honor them.

the top two rings on my right middle finger are also by Satomi Kawakita: her signature hexagon diamond ring and a tiny emerald – Wolf’s birthstone.  Satomi sent me the emerald ring after Wolf was born.  she sweetly engraved his name, birthdate and time of birth on the inside of the band.  on my right ring finger is the sterling silver Klaia triangle ring by Odette, a beaded gold band from The Philippines and my original wedding band from Kate.  I love the dimension and texture that these three add to my stack.

my tiniest rings that I wear are my middle finger diamond knuckle cuff ring from Jennie Kwon and my pinky ring from Porter Gulch.  I fell in love with Jennie’s collaboration with Of A Kind but it sold out so fast, so I contacted her directly and she made me a custom ring, similar to the one at OAK.  I found the moissanite pinky ring on Scoutmob Shoppe and it’s by Porter Gulch.

Unruly Things / Show Me Your Stack :: Alyson Brown

and there you have it – my stack!  and you know what’s funny?  even though I feel like my stack is complete, I’m constantly browsing for additional rings to add to it.  I can’t help it.  I’m hopelessly addicted to rings and have been for years!  if you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’re familiar with my ring category, which dates back to 2008! if you’re new – check it out!  you won’t be disappointed.

thank you again for your excitement about this series!  I’m completely booked up to the middle of November with gorgeous stacks lined up but feel free to send me an email with your stack photo for consideration.

details about my stack – grey diamond engagement ring {similar} : kate szabone / black diamond circle eternity band : satomi kawakita / gathered ring : takara / diamond cuff ring {similar} : jennie kwon / dais sapphire band : bario neal / milkyway topaz ring : julie cohn / hexagon diamond ring : satomi kawakita / tiny emerald ring {similar} : satomi kawakita / klaia ring : odette / beaded gold band {similar} / hammered gold band : kate szabone / stackable moissanite ring : porter gulch from scoutmob / serpent cuff bracelet : odette / friendship bracelet by me

{all photography by me}


15 Responses to “show me your stack : alyson brown”

  1. ginger from bliss-ologie said:

    Love! I’ve tried and I’ve tried to appreciate ginormous cocktail rings, but I just can’t do it. Itty bitty is so much better.

  2. jen goff said:

    aww, i love this! i feel honored that your gathered ring is worn so close to your engaement ring!


  3. Kelly said:

    i wear that porter gulch ring everyday. i love it! your stack is so enviable!

  4. camilla said:

    dang, Alyson. your stack is so good!

  5. emily said:

    such great variety, like a little village of pretty little lines! I’m also impressed that you took your own photos..

  6. Amanda said:

    Oh Alyson, this is so gorg!
    I share your love of rings and your stack is just gorgeous. Are they all gold or have you mixed metals?
    I adore this series so much.

    • alyson said:

      thanks Amanda! I have mixed metals! I’ve got mostly gold, a few bronze and one sterling silver.

  7. silk said:

    So pretty! Thanks for sharing! :)

    I’m excited that you have more posts to share! I can’t wait to see what the next stacks will look like!

  8. Claire said:

    It figures that you would have such a nice stack! I’ve so enjoyed this series. I’ve discovered so many new ring designers to add to my wish list! Thank you for sharing your stack and so many others.

    Would you ever consider doing a post on how you store your jewelry? I am using a rather inefficient method (I’ve lost a few earrings behind shelves) and am always on the lookout for inspiration from others.

    • alyson said:

      that’s a great idea Claire! I’ll work on a little post in the next few weeks. :)

  9. Sarah from a fine line said:

    I can’t even tell you how much I’m enjoying this series! I just recently got into the idea of stacking rings. I rarely take mine off, but I love the idea of “restacking” for a whole new look. I think the layering really keeps things interesting. My bario neal engagement ring and family heirloom wedding band are the stars of the show, but I’m having fun adding to the cast!