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Unruly Things / Show Me Your Stack :: Rebecca Washecheck

today’s stack is mostly built from antique & vintage rings.  Rebecca owns an antique jewelry shop called Artifact Vintage and has some pretty incredible gems.  take a look at that sapphire & emerald stack for example.  so pretty!  here’s what Rebecca has to say about her stack…

On the left hand: From far left, bottom to top: a vintage 18k Tiffany Lucida band, a 14k gold emerald eternity band, an 18k diamond and sapphire French band (my own engagement ring), 18k rose gold wedding ring (my own wedding band), a tiny 18k Jennifer Myer bezel-set band (the only new piece I own–I love how delicate it is), a 14k antique wedding band, and a hinged self-stacking 14k gold, pearl, and turquoise piece from the 1860s. I’ve been enjoying stacking on top of my bridal suite lately–it’s such a fun way to play with the idea of luxury, opulence, and glamour. Why have just one dream ring?

On the right hand: all shown are vintage, 14-18k gold, featuring opals, pearls, and diamonds. The navette and the 3-stone pearl are from the late 19th century; the opal 5-stone is from the late-20th century.

Unruly Things / Show Me Your Stack :: Rebecca Washecheck

gorgeous, right?  thanks so much Rebecca!

5 Responses to “show me your stack : rebecca washecheck”

  1. Laura said:

    Wow, I am not into rings at all (I have worn one particular one since the age of 14, and no more no less every day since), BUT that turquoise one is calling to me! What a knockout!

  2. Nicolette said:

    Oh wow, I am deeply in love with that turquoise hinged ring.

  3. Lauren said:

    I have to say that your “Show Me Your Stack” series is one of my favorites! I have long considered myself a non-jewelry person, but since being introduced to Tiro Tiro, Another Feather, and the like, I suddenly am so interested! Thanks for the exposure. So inspiring.