bite + sip : persimmon ginger fizz

Unruly Things for Art in the Age / Persimmon Ginger Fizz

have you heard of the delightful spirits from Art in the Age?  with an amazing collection including ROOT, SAGE, SNAP and RHUBARB, there’s something for everyone.  a few weeks ago, the kind folks at Art in the Age sent us a bottle of their SNAP to test out.  and let me tell you… it’s incredible.

Unruly Things for Art in the Age / Persimmon Ginger Fizz

we’ve been mixing it with everything from hard apple cider to ginger ale and have even drizzled it over dulce de leche gelato and baked it into a cake!  I thought I’d share with you a little cocktail I whipped up today.

makes 2 drinks

2 very ripe persimmons, pulp scooped and pureed
3 oz of SNAP
4 oz of apple cider*
1 generous knob of ginger, chopped
fizzy water
apple slices for garnish

shake the persimmon puree, apple cider and ginger really well in a shaker with ice.  divide evenly between glasses and fill with fizzy water to the top.  dash with cinnamon, garnish with apple slices and enjoy!

to find SNAP or any of the other Art in the Age spirits in your area, visit their website here.

*not the hard stuff this time, but it’d probably be really good!  you could swap out the regular apple cider and fizzy water for hard cider.  I recommend Doc’s Pumpkin Cider or Anthem Apple Cider.

{photos by Alyson Brown for Art in the Age}


6 Responses to “bite + sip : persimmon ginger fizz”

  1. Kate said:

    SNAP is the best! We had it at our wedding with bourbon & ginger ale and it was a HIT. Really want to try this recipe now!

  2. allison b-t said:

    ugh, this sounds amazing!! i would love to try all four spirit flavors, they all sound so intriguing but i can’t find any retailers anywhere near the portland area. the last time i tried to purchase alcohol online i found that it can’t be shipped to oregon. fingers crossed they find their way to a portland area retailer soon!

  3. Laura said:

    Pearl Specialty Market has the spirits in Portland!

    • allison_bt said:

      yay! i will have to pick some up this weekend- thanks for letting me know! :)