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unruly things | currently coveting : rowley eyewear

I’m seriously swooning over these sunnies from Rowley Eyewear, a new eyewear brand from Cynthia Rowley.  the frames are so unique and unexpected from the typical sunglasses I’ve seen.  I love the bold and chunky frames as well as the light, delicate ones.

Cynthia has offered up a pair of sunglasses for one lucky Unruly Things reader.  to enter, simply visit the Rowley Eyewear site and let us know your favorite style. then leave it in a comment below.  can’t wait?  the Rowley team has also created a special discount code for 20% off.  enter code Unruly20.  the giveaway closes at 5pm on Friday January 31.  good luck!

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unruly things | currently coveting : rowley eyewear unruly things | currently coveting : rowley eyewear

94 Responses to “currently coveting : rowley eyewear + giveaway”

  1. Suzannah said:

    #7 in honey tortoise :)

  2. Heather said:

    It’s hard to pick! I think I’d go with no.03. Kind of classic with a twist!

  3. Heather said:

    Fun! I think 03 is my fave (I know, I’m boring).

    • alyson said:

      ha! not boring at all. those are my faves, too! :) good luck!

  4. Lynn Boertjr said:

    Obsessed with this line I need to get my 3rd pair!

  5. chiara said:

    Wow, the No. 74 in black texture is pretty awesome.

  6. MFree said:

    Definitely the #3 in honey tortoise. Thanks!

  7. Jess said:

    Love No. 03…although there is something great about No. 61. I’d probably pick those since they’re so fun.

  8. Nicole said:

    Love No. 74 in Honey Tortoise!!! I have since the launch of her eyewear line.

  9. Ainsley said:

    Love No. 3 in honey tortoise!

  10. Claire said:

    So gorgeous!! I love number 62 and number 41 is rad too!!

    • Claire said:

      Yikes, I meant number 61 ;)!

  11. Camille said:

    Ooo… I love No. 41 in black.

  12. Liz R. said:

    Wow I love the 03! These are fun.

  13. Dewey said:

    Such a good find! I love the 78s in Honey Tortoise–wowza!

  14. e said:

    Have been lusting after 78 Blush FOREVER!

  15. Kristina M said:

    i am loving the #3 in honey tortoise!

  16. Meghan said:

    Ooh, they’re all so fabulous, but I think the No. 03 in black has won me over! :) Thanks!

  17. Kate said:

    I want to be bold enough to wear No. 41.

  18. Sally Mae said:

    Ooooh, that’s a tough one! I’d probably play it safe with honey tortoise 78…for my sunny getaway to Ixtapa in March!

  19. amber said:

    Tough choice as to which is the cutest! Contenders are No 61 in Blue Tortoise and No 3 in Crystal. Swoon.

  20. Savanah said:

    The No. 74 in Black Texture is perfection. I desperately need a pair.

  21. Beth said:

    I am loving #3 in honey turquoise!

  22. lauren said:

    the #24 in gold are sooo cool. thanks for the giveaway!

  23. Kathleen Hollett said:

    Number 55 are my favorites, followed closely by 29!

  24. emily said:

    I absolutely LOVE #03 in Honey Tortoise! Fingers crossed!

  25. kara said:

    I love # 78 in blush so spring like

  26. Alice said:

    #3 in Crystal would be divine.

  27. melissa said:

    I love no. 78 in blush!

  28. Rachael said:

    61 in blue tortoise!

  29. Jessica said:

    #61 in brown crystal fade! Love these!

  30. Tali said:

    I love #78 even though I want to be more daring and try #41 – all and all super lovely!

  31. Chelsey N said:

    61 in Black looks so classic and chic – what I need!

  32. hayden said:

    #3 in honey tortoise – definitely!

  33. Benny Sequeira said:

    No. 61 – black, love it.

  34. MollyMonday said:

    No. 78! Super cute!

  35. Lindsay said:

    Loving the no 61s! I would get the brown ones.

  36. Zenne Mao said:

    #88 in Purple Tortoise!!

  37. Pakou said:

    #10 in gold is snazzy!

  38. Aimee said:

    #78 in blush. Looks so comfy and cute!

  39. kate said:

    41 in tortoise fade! thanks!

  40. Madelyn said:

    Holy moly! Love Cynthia Rowley. My first pair of glasses happen to be Cynthia Rowley that I choose way back in high school.

    My favorites are #78 in blush and #74 in black white tortoise. I also like #3. Way too hard to choose.

  41. Mandy said:

    I love with #50 in tortoise. Like, real love that lasts.

  42. Lolo said:

    I love 74 in the black texture color. Super edgy!

  43. Candy said:

    #74 in Honey Tortoise looks amazing! Thanks for the opportunity!

  44. Kidlitter said:

    I love me a big, oversized pair of sunglasses in classic black that will stay on my face and on top of my head, so it’s #41!

  45. Sarah said:

    #74 in honey tortoise. Love love love.

  46. Lauren said:

    My favorite is no. 3 in indigo although no. 78 in blush is a close second.

  47. andrea said:

    #78 in Honey Tortoise!

  48. Emily said:

    can’t go wrong with a classic! no #10, the aviators

  49. Elena said:

    I absolutely love the No. 61. Perfect for the unusually sunny weather we’ve been having in Vancouver!

  50. Jessica said:

    No. 3 in crystal!

  51. Maria said:

    I love No. 61 in blue tortoise. Fun and original

  52. erika said:

    i’m loving no. 03 in crystal. very tough to pick.

  53. cate said:

    What a great line of eyewear! Loving # 61 in Brown Crystal Fade. xo

  54. Tiffany said:

    I love #58 in tortoise or black! They’re perfect!

  55. Kate said:

    I just lost my sunnies a couple of weeks back – left them in a cafe. No.3 in black.

  56. Malorie said:

    Love the 58 in mint! I love sunnies with a little whimsy.

  57. vanessa said:

    I always love Cynthia’s designs! The No. 78s in black are chic and classic — they have to be my favorite. now just some summer sunshine, too, please?!

  58. amelia said:

    I love style #3 – not sure how they’d look on me though – I’ll have to play with the virtual try on feature :)

  59. Sarah J said:

    This is the BEST giveaway, I’ve got my fingers crossed. I love the 78 in Blush!

  60. Taylor Singer said:

    No. 78 in blush is stunning!!

  61. ltg said:

    i’m torn between #3 in tortiose and #78 in blush. i think i’d pick #3.

  62. Jess said:

    Tough choice: probably no 78 in blush!

  63. Olja said:

    Love no.03 honey tortoise

  64. Chris said:

    I love # 03! in tortoise.

  65. Jennifer C said:

    I like the 03 in Honey Tortoise.