wearing : my favorite earrings

unruly things : my favorite earrings | photo by Alyson Brown

over the years, my style has become a lot more simplified.  and one of the ways that I’ve toned down what I’m wearing is by building a little collection of mostly stud earrings.  I found out quickly that while wearing shiny, dangling earrings with a tiny baby was a blast for him, the tugging on my ears was not.  so my dangling earrings dwindled and studs came pouring in.  these are my faves which I rotate on a daily basis.

outside circle : Satomi Kawakita diamond studs, BLTN green tourmaline studs, Jennie Kwon custom reset white & black diamond earrings, Jennie Kwon triangle studs
inside circle : Satomi Kawakita twin pearl studs, Fay Andrada Nasta earrings, my beloved emerald-cut garnets which I received as a highschool graduation gift
and that sweet little wooden bowl I keep them in is from Herriott Grace.

unruly things : my favorite earrings | photo by Alyson Brown

{photos by Alyson Brown for Unruly Things}


4 Responses to “wearing : my favorite earrings”

  1. jaime @laviejaime said:

    I’m in the small, dainty studs too right now. rotating my diamond studs i got for college grad and emerald studs ( my birthstone)

  2. allison b-t said:

    i have a shortish neck and read ages ago that dangly earrings help elongate the neck so i bought a ton of dangly pairs, but never wear them because they’re usually too dressy for every day wear. i am looking to build my own stud collection and love all of these … but those twin pearl studs are especially amazing!!

  3. alice said:

    what a beautiful collection! i too have found myself wearing a lot more studs nowadays. i think Jennie Kwon is a master!