Ergobaby design contest

Unruly Things for Ergobaby Design Contest

hi friends!! exciting news today. some time last year, the folks at Ergobaby invited myself, as well as two other designers, to participate in a design contest to create the next Ergobaby Carrier! my submissions are up and the voting begins TODAY!

after working on patterns for nearly two months, I’m really thrilled with my final designs. we each submitted a few different designs to Ergobaby, and they chose the final two from each designer. my designs are loosely inspired by woven fabrics and the end result is fab! I sure hope you think so, too!!

if you’d be so kind, hop over to Ergobaby’s Facebook page and vote for your favorite design, which I sure hope is one of mine! and thank you! the voting ends April 5 at midnight PST.

you can click directly to my designs here : design no. 1 | design no. 2

Unruly Things for Ergobaby Design Contest

5 Responses to “Ergobaby design contest”

  1. elisabeth said:

    these are great Alyson. heading over to vote now!

  2. Katie said:

    They are beautiful! I particularly love design #2. Good luck!

  3. sally mae said:

    How awesome! I voted for number 2. I wish I had even half of your design skills – nice work mama and I hope you get one of your sweet ergo carriers for your new little babe. :)

    • alyson said:

      wouldn’t that be amazing? I’d love that. :) thank you for voting!