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today’s stack comes from a lovely lady whom I really admire, Katie Diamond. I first fell in love with Katie’s jewels back in 2009 and have enjoyed following her progression as a designer. everything she designs is just beautiful! I love the unique and effortless aesthetic in her earrings, her necklaces and of course, her rings. her rings just beg to be stacked!! and here’s what Katie has to say about her own stack…

today my stacks mainly consist of rings from my own line. i usually stick with the same stack for a while and switch it up when i’m designing a new collection.  you can always tell if i’m in love with a style – once i finish that sample it goes right on my finger and i don’t take it off!  my most recent obsession has been the ruby & turquoise combination.  and my favorite ring is the hazel ring, the bottom one on my right ring finger. i’ve been doing some estate jewelry buying recently, both for myself and the website and this ring (and the forthcoming collection) is definitely influenced by my favorite finds.  i love simplicity and i’ve been inspired to create a collection of tiny rings that look sweet on their own or are the perfect addition to an existing stack.

i’ve been wearing my wedding stack for 11 years now it all started with my round brilliant diamond engagement ring and then a year later my husband, david diamond surprised me with the marquise ring that he designed using a stone that was in his family for quite some while.  the other bands are ones that he’s gifted me through our years together.   i switch these up from time to time too…. i think all of us jewelry designers have jewelry addictions so i am probably not alone when i say i have a pretty awesome collection of beautiful rings from other jewelry designers, my travels, and estate sales that i like to wear as well.

just gorgeous, right? Katie would like to extend an incredible discount to UT readers. enjoy 20% off the entire site, excluding the estate section, with code UNRULY. thank you so much Katie!

do you or someone you know have an amazing stack that you’d like to share? submit photos of your ring adorned fingers to hello {at} unruly-things {dot} com.

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  1. Sarah said:

    Why do all of your jewelry designers seem to have such lovely hands? Her stack is gorgeous beyond words…