bite + sip : vegan dinners

bite + sip : vegan dinners | unruly things

back in January, Levi and I ate mostly vegan for the entire month. I’ll be honest. I struggled, not only because I was newly pregnant and nothing sounded or tasted good, but I wasn’t fully prepared for it. my meals just didn’t appeal to me and I was drained trying to find new recipes that were exciting.

fast forward 4 months, and we decided to try it again. yet this time, we opted only to create vegan {and a little low carb} lunch and dinners* and I’ve been ecstatic at how good our meals are tasting. and *gasp* I’ve even become a little turned off by cheese. {I know!!!} it’s incredible to me how flavorful and rich each meal has tasted. I’m sure Levi gets tired of me saying things like “this is amazing” or “gosh, I feel so healthy!!” but seriously. the meals we’ve been preparing are SO good.

there’s plenty more on my BITE board on Pinterest, but these are a few of my recent faves.

*I missed eggs for breakfast and this pregnant lady likes her ice cream – what can I say?! ;)

bite + sip : vegan dinners | unruly things bite + sip : vegan dinners | unruly things bite + sip : vegan dinners | unruly things bite + sip : vegan dinners | unruly things
bite + sip : vegan dinners | unruly things

{raw + vegan tacos / heirloom tomato & fennel salad / red lentil cauliflower burger with habenero mayo & onion rings / chickpea cakelets with harrisa aioli / cauliflower & roasted garbanzo beans / creamy sesame soba noodles with tofu


8 Responses to “bite + sip : vegan dinners”

  1. Jess from EverydayShine said:

    Visually stunning and I’m totally drooling! Thanks for some great vegan ideas…though I’m a totaly “eat everything” kinda gal, these dishes are very inspiring since I always run out of ideas for what to make for dinner.

  2. Robin said:

    You are so good!! These recipes look so healthy and yummy. I’m impressed…I have not had the energy to try many new recipes during my pregnancy, despite getting gestational diabetes and having to adjust my diet. I actually have to eat MORE meat and dairy than I ever used to, to get enough protein and balance out the lower amount of carbs I’m allowed to eat :( It’s kind of frustrating, but I only have to do it for 5 more weeks!

  3. Angela said:

    i’ll definitely be checking out your Pinterest! the bf and I have changed our eating habits lately to healthier meals and I agree that it’s draining trying to find things that don’t feel limited or lacking flavor!

  4. JP said:

    Alyson – Have you tried Coconut Bliss ice cream? I like it BETTER than cow milk ice cream!

    Robin – just a note, you can get lots of of protein from plant based sources with very low carbs. If you want – I’d recommend checking out myvega.com (VEGA is a plant based nutritional company). I use and LOVE them. They are great for supplemental nutrition, for lazy days, workouts, etc.

  5. Debbie said:

    Everything looks so good!! I’ve been eating mostly vegan except eggs for a couple of months due to a dairy sensitivity in baby, and I barely (barely) miss cheese and ice cream. Have you had Coconut Bliss? It’s amazing!

  6. Claudia said:

    We are mostly vegan (2 eggs on saturday morning and if I have zero zero zero option I could eat a bit of fish) but I think that what I dislike the most is that I was not ready to be a vegan. Turning vegetarian was super easy but it turned out that I’m allergic to casein so I had to say good bye to dairy. Anyway! The good thing is that I love to cook vegan food and that Alice loves eating vegan food :)

  7. Elizabeth said:

    This all looks amazing! I’m trying to come up with some new ideas and options (not a big meat eater at all and looking for ways to get more protein without a TON of carbs. Clicking all the links pronto!