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unruly things | 30 weeks pregnant

tomorrow I’ll be 31 weeks pregnant. I can’t really say I’ve got much to complain about aside from just feeling very pregnant. and HOT! darn those 90+ degree days.

second pregnancies are so funny. and it’s so true what they say about the second baby not getting as much attention as the first. remember last time, when I took a picture of my bump every week? this time around I’ve hardly taken any. time has been flying by. plus, I haven’t been feeling especially cute this time. I started off a few pounds heavier than I did with Wolf, so already I was feeling larger. with second and subsequent pregnancies, you start to notice your bump {or bloat as I’d like to call it} sooner due to familiarity within the body so I’ve felt large the whole time. plus, this boy is hanging out right around my lungs and rib cage, making breathing, standing for too long or walking up stairs tough and all I’ve wanted to wear are my maternity shorts that have that giant belly band for extra support. but I finally got Levi to snap a few pictures of me this past weekend on our neighborhood walk. and surprisingly, I was limber and stable enough to get up on that rock. ;)

here’s to spending the rest of the summer getting bigger and rounder! and deciding on a name. this little guy is still totally nameless.


8 Responses to “mama things : life at 30+ weeks”

  1. Jen said:

    You look fantastic, Alyson! What a great shot. I don’t envy you, as I imagine it’s got to be hard to come up with a name after such a cool first kiddo name (that’s quite a strong name.) And boys names are tough to begin with. I think it magically happens that the right name always comes by the baby’s arrival.

    • alyson said:

      thanks Jen! yes, I’m hoping he won’t be named in the hospital but I’m beginning to think we’ll have to see this little guy before he gets a name.

  2. roberta jane said:

    this is EXACTLY how i have been feeling with the second pregnancy. i already feel soooooo big at only 20 weeks!

  3. sally mae said:

    first off, you look amazing! but, I know what you mean. we just found out we are expecting again (hooooooray!!!!) and I totally weigh 10lbs. more than I did the first time. it makes me nervous, but what can you do!? I guess I am just going to try to eat really healthy and know that the weight will come off in time. :) Good luck with names. Boys names are super hard, especially when you already have one awesome one!

    • alyson said:

      hooray!! congrats Sally! and yep, same here – I never lost that last 10lbs after Wolf was born!

  4. Shanan @ The Symmetric said:

    A beautiful pic! I’m 22 weeks along with my second and my bump is much more prominent than it was at this stage the first time around… Cheers to bigger and rounder :)

  5. Cheryl said:

    You look lovely! I totally feel you though….I’m only 20 weeks along with baby 2 and feel like I did at 30 weeks.