little things : Orin’s first bath

Unruly Things for Seventh Generation

last week we gave Orin his much belated first bath, one day short of him turning a month old!! time seriously flew by. his expression as we dunked his little body into his warm little tub was priceless! but just like his big brother, he loves the water. he was definitely confused at first but was soon totally into it and his face showed it. we lathered him up with our favorite baby wash from Seventh Generation on a super soft wash cloth. we’ve been using Seventh Generation soap for Wolf for as long as I can remember and have really enjoyed it – especially the bubble bath!

needless to say, Orin’s first bath was a big hit. even big brother got to help! he sat on the counter and sang songs for Orin. it was pretty sweet.

Unruly Things for Seventh GenerationUnruly Things for Seventh GenerationUnruly Things for Seventh GenerationUnruly Things for Seventh Generation

{images by Alyson Brown for Unruly Things & Seventh Generation. this post is in partnership with Seventh Generation but rest assured, the thoughts and words written are of my own opinion. thank you to companies like Seventh Generation for not only making the world a better place, but for keeping this little blog alive.}


8 Responses to “little things : Orin’s first bath”

  1. julia said:

    so cute! and i love how wolf helped out by singing to him, such a great big brother!

    (side question…has wolf ever had a haircut? ethan’s hair is getting super long in the front, but we don’t want to cut it yet. any tips for long haired little boys?)

    • alyson said:

      yes, it is getting long but he’s had lots of hair cuts! usually I just tell them that I like to keep it long and they kind of layer it. I just take him to a little barber shop and they do a great job. :)

  2. sally mae said:

    First off, Orin is completely and totally adorable!!!! Thank you for sharing pictures!

    Second off, your selection of what to sponsor is totally admirable. I have a feeling your website could be one big commercial, but you’ve kept it very classy. I will definitely be trying Seventh Generation baby wash. I honestly didn’t even know they made it, but I love their all purpose cleaners and dish soap.

    Happy baby days! I am looking forward to them again myself!!

  3. Eilidh said:

    Lovely pics of a special time. I’m curious to know what type of bath this is – it looks brill but so unusual how baby is sitting up as opposed to lying length ways. As an
    expectant first time mum I am always on the look out for innovative products!

    • alyson said:

      it’s called the wash pod – http://amzn.to/1pVxRoy best little tub there ever was! I definitely think it’s the best tub for tiny babies since they can be completely submerged and stay warmer. :) congrats on your expected little one!

      • Lauren Cannon said:

        Hi Alyson! Congrats- Orin looks so scrumptious! I’m due on Thanksgiving and looking for a good baby tub. Do you have any issues with head support with this tub? Thanks.

  4. Katharine said:

    I am due in four weeks with our second son and these sweet pics made me feel so excited! Fun to see how your eldest is “helping”, our son Bjorn loves bathtime so that could be a great way to involve him :)