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hello friends! I suppose by now you’ve noticed the radio silence in this little space. the funny thing about blogging is even though you’re loving it while you’re in it, you keep wondering how long you’ll keep doing it and if or when you’ll stop? my life is going so fast these days and the direction that I’m going isn’t toward blogging. it’s really sad and a super tough decision that I’ve made but my heart just isn’t in this place any more. Unruly Things has been a labor of love for nearly NINE YEARS. I’ve made incredible friends and have developed fabulous partnerships with many amazing sponsors and shops. I have ideas of blogging in the future but for now, I bid you adieu.

so while this is a goodbye to this blog, it’s not a total goodbye. please keep in touch, friends! I’ll miss this place dearly but I hope that you’ll continue to follow our family adventures on Instagram. I’m there, almost daily, posting snippets of our life in Oregon along with fun things like the occasional giveaway or discount. adios amigos!

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One Response to “hello + goodbye”

  1. Stacey said:

    i was wondering….good luck with your growing family and crazy busy life. Your blog was fun, i enjoyed it:)