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little things : swell soiree

little things : swell soiree | unruly things

happy monday, friends!! I hope you had a lovely weekend. ours went by way too quickly, but we were able to spend as much time outside as possible!

I’ve begun thinking about a certain someone’s THIRD birthday which comes up late next month. aren’t these party packs from Swell Soiree the cutest? perfect for little parties. see more here.

little things : swell soiree | unruly things little things : swell soiree | unruly things little things : swell soiree | unruly things little things : swell soiree | unruly things



bite + sip : a birthday cake

birthday cake

somebody turned two over the weekend.  TWO.  I can hardly believe it.  it’s like all of a sudden, he’s full blown kid.  since we were out of town over his birthday, he’s had two celebrations and two cakes already!  one iced to look like a watermelon {big hit!!} and a banana cake with cream cheese frosting {also, a big hit!!}  plus, we’re throwing him another party at home this weekend, so I get the chance to make him yet another cake.  part of me wants to make cupcakes, like we did last year, and part of me loves the idea of a big, dramatic cake.

what are you favorite cake recipes?  mine is this one.  but I’m leaning toward trying this one for the party this weekend.

{photo from seven spoons}



bite & sip : chocolate stout cake

chocolate stout cake

another cake this week.  I know, I know, tempting you right?  the truth is, I hardly cooked anything exciting this week and this one I haven’t made… yet.  I’m hoping {with fingers and toes crossed} that someone might see this and whip it up for me this weekend.  this Saturday I’ll be adding on another year and Chocolate Stout Cake seems like an appropriate birthday cake.  with a sweet stout to pair with it, of course.

what’s your favorite birthday cake?  his is carrot cake.

{photo from Bon Appétit}



a cause for celebration

30th birthday

today I embark upon a new adventure: my thirties.  so far, so good.  here’s a little birthday dreamlist.  I’m off to eat cake and celebrate with my two favorite guys.  happy weekend, friends!

one: silk boyfriend shirt / two: philly boots / three: black tartan polish / four: black diamond ring / five: staub cocotte / six: score & solder terrarium / seven: bodhi desk

{most of these I’ve pinned over the past few months.  follow me here if you’d like}



my kind of birthday cake


before you ask – no, today is not my birthday.  but it’s coming up later this month and it’s a big one.  the first into a new decade.  I’m convinced that the best is yet to come so I’m embracing it with open arms.

every year, dlb and I bake a cake for each other’s birthday.  last year it was a simple vanilla cake with chocolate frosting for me and carrot cake for him.  the other day he asked me what kind of cake I’d like so my mind has been swirling with ideas.  I’m all about a big cake, puffed to the max with sugar and cream, but I though I’d attempt to find something a little healthier.  {couldn’t hurt, right?}  I love the looks of these cakes from Roost, especially that Almond & Cherry Upside Down Cake.

what’s your favorite kind of cake?

{images from Roost}



dear B:

for your birthday, I would have given you, this cell phone, as a virtual gift. if only I had seen it yesterday.

so it’s a day late.
happy birthday Borda!

p.s. did I ever tell you I got this jacket for Christmas? I think of you when I wear it.
p.p.s. Borda would own everything in purple if she could.