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bite + sip : Quench Handcrafted Beverages & a giveaway!

Quench - Handcrafted Beverages to Satisfy Every Taste and Occasion by Ashley English | a post on Unruly Things

I’m a big fan of beautiful drinks as you can see on my Pinterest board. be it non-alcoholic or dashed with spirits, if it’s pretty and sounds tasty, I want to try it out.

I received a copy of this incredible new book by Ashley English called Quench from Roost Books. it’s filled with an assortment of handcrafted beverages to satisfy every taste and occasion. and let me tell you – it’s gorgeous. just check out a few photos {by the amazing Jen Altman} here. today I’m sharing one of my favorite recipes from the book: Caramelized Apple Cider Punch. you can see that below.

and in the spirit of giving, we’re giving away one copy to a lucky Unruly Things reader to gift to a special someone on your list. for a chance to win, leave a comment here with who you’d like to give this book to before the giveaway closes Sunday, December 7 at 5pm PST. don’t worry – self-gifting is totally acceptable! good luck!!

Quench - Handcrafted Beverages to Satisfy Every Taste and Occasion by Ashley English | a post on Unruly Things

{top photo by Alyson Brown for Unruly Things | books and recipe courtesy of Roost Books}



gift guide : something for their home

2014 Unruly Things Gift Guide : something for their home

when I’m unsure what to get someone, something for their home that they could enjoy every day always comes to mind. it’s practical and beautiful and ranges in a huge variety of pricing. you can find something super lovely at even the most modest price. here’s a few great gifts for the home.

one : gorgeous hand-carved wooden spoons for a variety of things / two : a fun set of napkins / three : introduce them to the joy of cooking with fresh ingredients delivered right to their home / four : a new cookbook to inspire more delicious meals / five : the two in one pot in a bright color / six : a sexy hammer for home improvements / seven : a splash of green in a terrarium / eight : hot chocolate on a stick / nine : and a mug to drink it from / ten : the softest throw to snuggle with / eleven & fourteen : a few pillows for their home / twelve : a fancy new chair, if you’re feeling generous / thirteen : abc cookie cutters for entertaining the kiddos

more from the 2014 gift guide tomorrow!
see our additional gift guides: 2013 and 2012.

{watercolor gift tag by Lauren Spencer King for Unruly Things}



bite + sip : black bean quinoa chili

bite + sip : black bean quinoa chili | unruly things

after Orin was born, we were showered with meals from friends and I can’t tell you how nice it was not to have to think about cooking. seriously – I hardly cooked one meal for the first month of Orin’s life! our friends brought all kinds of vegetarian meals: burritos, soup, pizza, and my favorite – this black bean quinoa chili. it’s SO easy, SO good and makes a TON. it may be my go-to meal for those lazy cooking days. try it – it’s a must!




bite + sip : what to cook when it’s hot hot hot

bite + sip : keeping it cool |unruly thingssince the temps hardly ever reach super high and nights are cool, most homes in Oregon don’t have air conditioning – like ours. so when it gets hot in the afternoon, it really gets hot. we’ve been in temps over 90 for a week now, with no immediate end in sight. I can hardly imagine turning on my oven nor do I want to! so this week I’ve been hunting for recipes that only require stovetop use or no cooking at all. salads, pasta, wraps, etc. here’s a few of my inspirations.

what do you cook for dinner during the hottest days of summer?

bite + sip : keeping it cool |unruly things bite + sip : keeping it cool |unruly things bite + sip : keeping it cool |unruly things bite + sip : keeping it cool |unruly things

{pasta with salmon, crème fraîche and capers / kale, cherry & avocado salad with lemon-poppy seed dressing / poblano peppers {roasted the morning of} and corn with quinoa / california barley bowl recipe / avocado summer rolls}



bite + sip : summer mocktails

bite + sip : summer mocktails | unruly things

summertime is that time of year that I especially enjoy an afternoon cocktail on the deck or an ice cold beer in the hammock. since I’m pregnant, I’ve been whipping up some fancy mocktails in lieu of an alcoholic drink and I’ve made some pretty delicious ones. my go-to these days simply fizzy water with sliced limes and oranges, but these have caught my eye.

do you have any favorite non-alcoholic summer sippers? I’d love to know.

bite + sip : summer mocktails | unruly thingsbite + sip : summer mocktails | unruly things

{pineapple mint agua fresca, watermelon limeade, strawberry lime cucumber mint water}



little things : goodkid snack bars

little things : goodkid snack bars | unruly things

one thing we really focus on for Wolf is good nutrition, which means limiting his sugar intake while feeding him yummy stuff. when I first heard about GoodKid Foods delicious, low-sugar snack bars produced locally in Bend, Oregon, I was super intrigued! the bars have only 5 or 6 grams of sugar, depending on the flavor. plus, the branding is way cute, right?!

the bars are offered in three yummy, kid-friendly flavors: Apple Cinnamon, Oatmeal Raisin and Lemon Blueberry. Wolf and I tested out their Apple Cinnamon bar this morning and I have to say – I was pretty excited about it. and so was he! he begged me for more. the bars are packed with organic fruit, tons of omega-3’s, and antioxidants like acai, pomegranate, echinacea, choline, vitamin C, and zinc. since Wolf has a peanut allergy, I was thrilled to learn that they are peanut free and only use almond butter in their bars.

GoodKid Foods are on the home stretch of their Kickstarter campaign and I’m super excited to see these guys get up and running. read more about their process here and to help fund them, click here. the pledge rewards are truly in your favor as you’ll be getting healthy, low sugar snack bars for your kiddos, and heck – for you too! I’m not sure about you, but it’s especially exciting when I know your kiddos are snacking on something healthy – mom win!

little things : goodkid snack bars | unruly things little things : goodkid snack bars | unruly things



bite + sip : vegan dinners

bite + sip : vegan dinners | unruly things

back in January, Levi and I ate mostly vegan for the entire month. I’ll be honest. I struggled, not only because I was newly pregnant and nothing sounded or tasted good, but I wasn’t fully prepared for it. my meals just didn’t appeal to me and I was drained trying to find new recipes that were exciting.

fast forward 4 months, and we decided to try it again. yet this time, we opted only to create vegan {and a little low carb} lunch and dinners* and I’ve been ecstatic at how good our meals are tasting. and *gasp* I’ve even become a little turned off by cheese. {I know!!!} it’s incredible to me how flavorful and rich each meal has tasted. I’m sure Levi gets tired of me saying things like “this is amazing” or “gosh, I feel so healthy!!” but seriously. the meals we’ve been preparing are SO good.

there’s plenty more on my BITE board on Pinterest, but these are a few of my recent faves.

*I missed eggs for breakfast and this pregnant lady likes her ice cream – what can I say?! ;)

bite + sip : vegan dinners | unruly things bite + sip : vegan dinners | unruly things bite + sip : vegan dinners | unruly things bite + sip : vegan dinners | unruly things
bite + sip : vegan dinners | unruly things

{raw + vegan tacos / heirloom tomato & fennel salad / red lentil cauliflower burger with habenero mayo & onion rings / chickpea cakelets with harrisa aioli / cauliflower & roasted garbanzo beans / creamy sesame soba noodles with tofu



bite + sip : bibimbap

unruly things | bite + sip : bibimbap

have you ever heard of bibimbap? it’s a signature Koren dish that’s super tasty. the word literally means “mixed rice” and it’s served in a bowl with mixed veggies, your meat of choice and a fried egg on top. I had it for the first time a week or so ago at one of my favorite local spots and it’s pretty much the best thing I’ve tasted recently.

a few days ago, I set out to recreate the meal with this recipe from Bon Appétit and was not disappointed. I thought it would be super time consuming, having to create all the separate veggies, but it wasn’t too bad. I slightly altered the recipe by using Brussels spouts rather than spinach, omitted the zucchini and didn’t add any meat. {though I would have added tofu if I’d had any!} it was so good!! try it and enjoy!