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soft pretzels, pt 2

sorry for the brief disappearing act last week.  I stayed in bed on Friday a little under the weather.  I’d planned on doing my regular right this second post, but just didn’t get around to it.  Saturday morning I was feeling much better so I set out on a baking adventure to make some soft pretzels.

all I managed to take was this iPhone photo, but at least you get the point.  they were delicious in all their soft pretzel glory.  they were pretty easy to make and really really yummy.  we only burnt a couple {note: do not use cinnamon & sugar as a topping!}, gave a few to the neighbors and devoured the rest by last night.  you can see the recipe I used here.


thoughts on breakfast

our weekend breakfasts are filled with muffins, omelettes and other tasty delights but when it comes to breakfast on the run, I’m completely lost.  dlb and I eat oatmeal almost everyday and quite honestly, it’s getting a little tired.  I’d like some options that are easy to prepare in 10 or 15 minutes, relatively inexpensive and will keep me satisfied until at least 11am.

so friends, what to you eat for breakfast during the busy work week?

{photo from simply breakfast}