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gift guide : something for their home

2014 Unruly Things Gift Guide : something for their home

when I’m unsure what to get someone, something for their home that they could enjoy every day always comes to mind. it’s practical and beautiful and ranges in a huge variety of pricing. you can find something super lovely at even the most modest price. here’s a few great gifts for the home.

one : gorgeous hand-carved wooden spoons for a variety of things / two : a fun set of napkins / three : introduce them to the joy of cooking with fresh ingredients delivered right to their home / four : a new cookbook to inspire more delicious meals / five : the two in one pot in a bright color / six : a sexy hammer for home improvements / seven : a splash of green in a terrarium / eight : hot chocolate on a stick / nine : and a mug to drink it from / ten : the softest throw to snuggle with / eleven & fourteen : a few pillows for their home / twelve : a fancy new chair, if you’re feeling generous / thirteen : abc cookie cutters for entertaining the kiddos

more from the 2014 gift guide tomorrow!
see our additional gift guides: 2013 and 2012.

{watercolor gift tag by Lauren Spencer King for Unruly Things}



soft pretzels, pt 2

sorry for the brief disappearing act last week.  I stayed in bed on Friday a little under the weather.  I’d planned on doing my regular right this second post, but just didn’t get around to it.  Saturday morning I was feeling much better so I set out on a baking adventure to make some soft pretzels.

all I managed to take was this iPhone photo, but at least you get the point.  they were delicious in all their soft pretzel glory.  they were pretty easy to make and really really yummy.  we only burnt a couple {note: do not use cinnamon & sugar as a topping!}, gave a few to the neighbors and devoured the rest by last night.  you can see the recipe I used here.



vanilla peach pie

my recipe for this Vanilla Peach Pie is up on Lilac & Ivy today!  go check it out… immediatly!  I’m not gonna lie, I’ve baked it two weekends in a row – it’s that good.

thanks for having me, Sarah!!