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feeling a little black today

today I’m in a black shift dress, black merino cardigan, black opaque tights, and you guessed it, black flats. quite the outfit for dreariness. quite the outfit for those “I just don’t feel like dressing up today” days. I admit, have a lot of black in my wardrobe, but I’ve been trying to add color into it lately. my attempt at brightening up the black today is with a gray and white scarf. {yea, not so much}
I have to be honest. no matter how much I try to “liven” up my wardrobe with some pops of color here and there, I always end up falling back to black. I love black sweaters. I love black t-shirts. I love my black shoes more than the brown ones. there’s just something it does to my dark brown hair, fair skin, and big brown eyes that says “please, Alyson. buy more black.”
{and these are some things I want from UO}


crisp gray.

I think I’m in love with gray.
these colors quite describe my mood today.
and while I’m at it, I’d like this blanket, please.
by the way, is it gray or grey? and what’s the difference?
oh yea. and I wish I had today off. {happy veterans day.}
{sheets from area, via hfha}


today I’m happy.

happy Fourth of July!
not only is this a special day of celebrating our freedom, this is also a special day for my blog. this marks my 500th post! when I think about it, 500 seems like a lot! but it’s really amazing how quickly it snuck up on me.

it seems like just yesterday I was deleting my myspace account and converting my blogging addiction to blogger. myspace was were I began blogging. sometimes it was intentional rants meant for certain people to read, sometimes it was just as simple as posting a song that I loved, other times, I kept my words private, especially when they dealt with new feelings and shy love. I’d have to say that sometimes, I miss those blogs. I almost feel as though, now that I’ve developed myself as a pictorial, fashion, and findings blogger, that adding in my personal thoughts and musings would only complicate things. {hmm…maybe time to have blog #2. yea right, if only I had that extra time!}

so I guess what I’m saying is that, for this, my 500th post, I thought I’d get a little personal. show you a little bit about me. tell you how I’m really feeling by showing you some of my favorite past posts that I’ve written.

I believe in innocent love.
I’ve always wanted a little red wagon.
I love to cook.
I love photos.
quotes inspire me.
I zone out from time to time.
I cherish my friends.
sometimes I wish I was a kid again.
I’m head over heals in love.

and for today, celebrate your independence. eat all things yummy and happy. do things that make you smile. have some fried chicken, take an extra slice of cake, indulge in your favorite brew, laugh at silly jokes, kiss your loved ones, light up a sparkler or two or three. and all the while remember what we are celebrating, and cherish it.

{image from wildfiremmm}



five hearts
05. a big bowl of warm, salty edamame.
04. my kitten’s paws.
03. the feel of sand in between my toes.
02. tasting new beers.
01. listening to the rain.

five “dislikes” {cause I hate using the word “hate”}
05. my alarm in the morning.
04. green canned mushy peas. blecckgh…
03. blisters.
02. superficial people.
01. being poked in my belly button.

if you want to join the fun, consider yourself tagged.
post five hearts and five hates on your blog.
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today I’m feeling…

gray. gloomy. allergies. rain.

since I’m feeling a little under the weather today, and it’s raining outside, I thought I’d pay respect to one of my growing favorite colors, gray.
01. dress by Velvet from Active Endeavors.
02. Celia bedding from Room & Board. {love love LOVE!} Room & Board is a great site by the way, which I just discovered. they have a really helpful design center on the site where you can get inspiration, and design ideas.

03. home textiles from dwell.
04. tessuto throw from CB2, the sibling to Crate & Barrell.
05. a cute pair of ballerinas from Anthropologie.
06. Marc by Marc Jacobs Heidi bag.