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what we’re loving : hand wash from Seventh Generation

Unruly Things for Seventh Generation

summer time with a 3 year old boy can only be described in one word – MESSY. ok two words – messy and FUN! Wolf spends every afternoon playing outside, whether he’s digging in his sand pit, watering anything and everything with the hose or his new latest favorite activity – plucking weeds out of the flower bed, resulting in dirty, dirty hands. thankfully he’s pretty good about coming inside and washing up.

we’ve been enjoying this brand new natural hand wash from Seventh Generation. it comes in three fresh scents, works great and leaves hands feeling soft. plus, its hypoallergenic, plant-based formula is made with no dyes or other icky stuff. so I feel better knowing that each hand washing is not only fun, but safe! keep an eye out for it in retail stores soon.

Unruly Things for Seventh Generation Unruly Things for Seventh Generation

{images by Alyson Brown for Unruly Things & Seventh Generation. this post is in partnership with Seventh Generation but rest assured, the thoughts and words written are of my own opinion. thank you to companies like Seventh Generation for not only making the world a better place, but for keeping this little blog alive.} 


little things : winter water factory

little things : winter water factory | photo by Alyson Brown for Unruly Things

since we get outside almost everyday over the summer, we’re big fans of tees that are not only soft and comfy but stylish and cool as well. I’ve always been a big fan of the tees from Winter Water Factory, so when they sent over Wolf {and baby brother!!} a few things to test out, we were pretty excited. Wolf has a soft spot for airplanes so I picked out this rad plane tee for him. he likes it so much, he would wear it every day if I let him!

little things : winter water factory | photo by Alyson Brown for Unruly Things

Winter Water Factory is known for their fun graphic tees. plus, they’re all made in the USA and organic – bonus. have a look at their shop to see more goodies. warning: the baby stuff is insanely cute!!!

{photos by Alyson Brown for Unruly Things | Wolf’s tee c/o Winter Water Factory, cap from Fairends, thrifted cut offs, flowers and cherries picked by Wolf}


little things : goodkid snack bars

little things : goodkid snack bars | unruly things

one thing we really focus on for Wolf is good nutrition, which means limiting his sugar intake while feeding him yummy stuff. when I first heard about GoodKid Foods delicious, low-sugar snack bars produced locally in Bend, Oregon, I was super intrigued! the bars have only 5 or 6 grams of sugar, depending on the flavor. plus, the branding is way cute, right?!

the bars are offered in three yummy, kid-friendly flavors: Apple Cinnamon, Oatmeal Raisin and Lemon Blueberry. Wolf and I tested out their Apple Cinnamon bar this morning and I have to say – I was pretty excited about it. and so was he! he begged me for more. the bars are packed with organic fruit, tons of omega-3’s, and antioxidants like acai, pomegranate, echinacea, choline, vitamin C, and zinc. since Wolf has a peanut allergy, I was thrilled to learn that they are peanut free and only use almond butter in their bars.

GoodKid Foods are on the home stretch of their Kickstarter campaign and I’m super excited to see these guys get up and running. read more about their process here and to help fund them, click here. the pledge rewards are truly in your favor as you’ll be getting healthy, low sugar snack bars for your kiddos, and heck – for you too! I’m not sure about you, but it’s especially exciting when I know your kiddos are snacking on something healthy – mom win!

little things : goodkid snack bars | unruly things little things : goodkid snack bars | unruly things

gift guide : something for the kiddos

unruly things | gift guide : something for the kids

when it comes to gifts this year for Wolf, we’re attempting to adopted the age old tradition of giving him something he wants, something he needs, something to wear and something to read.  it keeps things simple and also practical when it comes to gifting.  each time we’ve asked Wolf what he wants Santa to bring him for Christmas, he’s responded with jingle bells.  cute, right?  here’s a few gifts for the littlest in your family.

one : a cozy flannel shirt to keep him warm at the playground / two : the sweetest rattle to entertain the wee one on your list / three : the best striped socks that won’t fall off little feet / four : a saucer sled for hours of outdoor fun / five : a mini snowboard to start ‘em young / six : cars galore so they’ll be zooming in their dreams / seven : toasty sweats for lounging around / eight : a little jingle here / nine: a little jingle there / ten : and a little more jingle here / eleven : pull back cars in a variety of colors / twelve : lined boots to keep their feet toasty warm / thirteen : a puzzle to play with on Christmas morning / fourteen : the perfect black beanie, that just happens to match moms / fifteen : a starry night to hang in their room

stay tuned for more from the 2013 gift guide this week!  see the 2012 gift guide right here.

{watercolor gift tag by Lauren Spencer King for Unruly Things}


little things : donna wilson

unruly things // little things : donna wilson

sometimes I’m just grateful that I have a kid.  because that means I get to spoil him treat him with amazing things like these knitted goodies from one of my long-time favorites, Donna Wilson.  then secretly, I get to enjoy their cuteness for myself, too!  these shots from the new DW lookbook are too much.  I’d take it all if I could!

unruly things // little things : donna wilson unruly things // little things : donna wilson unruly things // little things : donna wilson unruly things // little things : donna wilson

for those of you searching for Donna Wilson goodies in the US, lucky for us The Future Perfect carries a great selection of creatures as well as loads of other amazing things.