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Hot Pockets

Green Pockets

I love the concept behind these “Green Pockets” designed by Maruja Fuentes. They are a mix of ceramic tiles and planters that mount right onto the wall and give the illusion of the plants growing right out of the wall. If I wasn’t the worlds worst person at keeping plant life alive, I would be after these in a big way. Kind of perfect for a kitchen herb garden, no?

Green Pockets3

(Via: Cube Me)


Thread Social Resort

Thread Social 1Thread Social 3Thread Social 4

These dresses from Thread Social are so party worthy it’s not even funny. They are the perfect mix of quirkiness and simplicity. They are the kind of dresses that girls buy when they happen upon them in a boutique without having a specific event to wear them to in mind. Credit card beware…


Perfect Porcelain

Samantha Robinson Tea Pot

Each piece of porcelain from Samantha Robinson’s collection is so exquisitely beautiful I think I would have a hard time actually using them. They are all handmade and they seem to blend perfectly no matter what combination one chooses. I think I might have to get over my phobia and begin by investing in that lovely tea pot.

bowl7 Samantha Robinson Bowls


Check out her website for more of her work.


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Your Parting Gift

sundaysuppers_market_menu_003Ideas like this one from Sunday Suppers make me what to throw a dinner party. I love how each component of Karen’s party is not only simple and beautiful but also meant to be reused and recycled. Her menus are artfully printed on brown paper bags, and the bag is also what you will need to carry home your souvenirs from her party. Each guest is encouraged to fill the bag with seasonal peaches on the way out….


(Photos: Karen Mordechai)


Hi, Unruly People

Linda Farrow Jeremy Scott

I’m not Alyson…. but I do love her blog and think she is an all around fabulous girl. I’m Julie and my blog is Vain & Vapid. Alyson was good enough to invite me to be a guest blogger here on Unruly Things for the week and I am really excited that she did because I think it will be a lot of fun to blog on some new, Alyson-y topics. For those of you who don’t know me, I am from New York, I design clothes, I love shoes and cats and cake (who doesn’t, right?), I am a fast walker and I speak horrible German.


Pic: Vogue UK  May 2008
Photographed by Mario Testino

Now onto to the blogging….