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curated for : accompany

curated for : accompany | unruly things

one of my most recent favorite shop finds is Accompany – a rad online boutique with focus on stylish apparel and ethically minded production. each item in the shop has a story – whether it be Artisan Made, Fair Trade or Philanthropic – making Accompany truly a one-of-a-kind boutique. the shop is beautifully curated with lots of goods to wishlist and drool over. above is just a sample of my shop favorites. hop over to Accompany to see the shop in it’s entirety.

just recently, Accompany was highlighted in People’s Style Watch as a great stop for Ethical Fashion. pretty exciting, right? you can read the entire article here.

bonus – Accompany is having a Labor Day sale! everything in the sale section is an additional 15% off Friday August 29 through Monday September 1. enter coupon code LABORDAY at checkout. there’s some really great stuff in their sale section – check it out and stock up your shopping cart for Friday’s sale.

{one : ace & jig revel dress / two : mar y sol mika hat / three : antik batik moon bracelet / four : faire collection ellington bangle / five : raven & lily gold leaf earrings / six : canvas oslo salad servers / seven : dsenyo little friends zebra / eight : mar y sol sisal basket tote / nine : inigo elizalde buedia pillow / ten : jadetribe navia throw


my illustrated vacation

Illustrated Vacation by Brittany Powell Parich

I love photos.  it’s so fun to flip back through old pictures and reminisce on good times.  so when Brittany contacted me about her latest project of painting custom watercolor snapshots of people’s vacations – I nearly lost it.  such an amazing idea right?!  and much more unique than hanging another photo on the wall.  plus, they’d make amazing gifts to commemorate a special trip.  I asked Brittany to paint this photo of Wolf and I from our most recent trip to the Philippines and just love how she interpreted it and can’t wait to hang it up on our wall.

Brittany is offering a special discount of $50 off the Small Illustrated Album if ordered by December 7.  just mention that you’re an Unruly Things reader!

Alyson Brown Philippines photo

thanks to everyone who supported the Philippines Typhoon Relief funds I posted about last week.  your support and kindness means the world!

{illustrated vacation photo by Brittany Powell Parich, original photo taken in Coron, Philippines by Levi}


bite + sip : mazama ceramic vessels

Mazama Ceramic Wares

I am a handmade ceramic fanatic.  there’s just nothing better than holding a freshly thrown ceramic cup in your hand and sipping your favorite beverage from it.  what’s even better is knowing that handmade cup is made a mere stone’s throw away from you.

my friend Casey emailed me to introduce me to Mazama – an amazing new project that she’s working on with a few friends to create a line of ceramic vessels built around moments with a drink.  Mazama vessels are perfect for that first cup of coffee to get your day started or that glass or wine at the end of a long day.  Mazama drinking vessels are designed with one thing in mind: to elevate what’s in them.  and they’re just stunning.

Mazama Ceramic Wares

Mazama is raising funds through Kickstarter to produce their inaugural collection of vessels: from product creation, firing, glazing, quality control, shipping and all the other elements that go into developing their first big production run.  back them if you can.  you’ll be truly pleased with the lovely ceramics you’ll receive in return.

Mazama Ceramic Wares

{photos courtesy of Mazama}


little bear pots


you know the feeling when you stumble upon something new and fantastic and you can hardly contain your excitement?  that’s the feeling I got when I discovered this brand new etsy shop, Little Bear Pots.  I must have raved to Levi about them too because Christmas came early in the shape of a new mug.  looking forward to adding a few more of Lindsey’s pieces to my collection.


guest post: hand printed fabric gift wrap tutorial

during my maternity leave, I asked a few of my favorite mamas and mamas-to-be to kindly step in with some fun guest posts to keep you company

Hi everyone! My name is Casey, and you can find me regularly over at My Life as a Sugar Lander, where I post about days with my little boy, my shop, PAPER+TWINE, other crafts, and pretty things. I am so happy for Alyson and her new baby boy! What an exciting time. If you are anything like me, you have a steady (and ever growing) list of friends expecting. Some months there seem to be baby showers on every weekend! I love making a special gift for my soon-to-be-mom friends, and I try and change it up from time to time, to keep my friends on their toes. Although I love to Gocco print, I have recently gotten into stamps. Carving stamps, and printing to be exact! I love the handprinted/imperfect quality they bring to paper, and fabric. I wanted to share with you a project on how to make a fabric gift wrap, which I made for a recent baby shower. (You can wrap any gift in fabric, I am wrapping up some books for a little baby boy!) It just so happens that Alyson loves whales, so this project is perfect to share.


All supplies can be found at your local craft store. And if you don’t feel like carving your own stamp, any stamp will do! You will need: rubber blocks, a carving tool, fabric, (size is up to you, mine is 29″ squared) a brayer, and block printing ink. Carving is pretty easy, and makes for a nice craft to do at night while watching TV. Draw out your desired image, and with a pencil, lightly press on your image, that is laying on the rubber block, to make the imprint. Next, use your carving tool to carve away excess rubber, leaving your image raised. Also, make sure your fabric is washed, dried, and ironed before printing.

casey2 casey3

Squeeze some ink onto a paper plate. You don’t need much. Take your brayer, and using a little force, roll it into the ink, coating the whole brayer. There should be a nice, coated, yet thin layer of ink on the whole roll. Lightly apply the ink onto your stamp. It is always good to test print before you start printing on your final fabric piece! Press down on the stamp with your palm, for a more even application. Don’t be worried if the stamped image isn’t solid, this is what makes it beautiful, the imperfections, and slight differences of each individual print.

casey4 casey5

Once you are done printing, leave your fabric to dry for a few hours. When it is dry to the touch, iron to set the ink. I decided to sew my edges of the fabric, but it would be just as nice to leave the edges raw! When it comes to wrapping your gift, have fun with it! There is no wrong way. Place your gift in the middle of the fabric, and take opposite corners, and tie them, then take the other two corners, and do the same. And there you have it, a unique gift for the mom to be. The printing part of this project took less than an hour, and clean up is easy.  Just rinse everything, (rubber stamp included) under water and pat dry.  What a unique, thoughtful gift for a friend…a job whale done!