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right this second…

Wolf "Win Butler" Brown, the rockstar from Arcade Fire / photo by Alyson Brown

this week was exhausting, friends!  from feeling a little under the weather to hustling around making last minute arrangements for Halloween, I just didn’t stop going.  I’m sorry I left this space pretty quite but I hope you had a wonderful week and Halloween.  this little cutie dressed up as the lead singer of his favorite band, Arcade Fire.  if you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my video last week of Wolf dancing to Reflektor.  seriously, the kid is obsessed with the song.  sure, it was us listening to it that first got him excited about it but he’ll even tell you that his favorite song is Reflektor and that yes, he does want to hear it for the zillionth time in a row.  so what better to dress him up as for Halloween than front man, Win Butler, from their Here Comes The Night Time special.  I cut out a few Otomi creatures, stuck them to a white suit jacket and got him a little white bunny to dance with.  success!

have a lovely weekend!  we’ll be celebrating a birthday which means I’ll be making the EIGHTH annual carrot cake.  cheers, friends!

Wolf "Win Butler" Brown, the rockstar from Arcade Fire / photo by Alyson Brown Wolf "Win Butler" Brown, the rockstar from Arcade Fire / photo by Alyson Brown Wolf "Win Butler" Brown, the rockstar from Arcade Fire / photo by Alyson Brown Wolf "Win Butler" Brown, the rockstar from Arcade Fire / photo by Alyson Brown




listening to : lyndsey battle – all ways in a good way

Lyndsey Battle

do you ever hear a new band or a new song and just have that overwhelming feeling of happiness that brings a smile to your face?  that’s how I felt this morning when I listened to music from Lyndsey Battle.  Lyndsey is a a singer/songwriter living in Humboldt County, California.  her music is a mixture of blues, jazz and folk.  I first met Lyndsey, years ago – I think we may have been 12 or 13, or possibly even younger.  she’s always had her heart in music, and I always knew she was pretty great, but I didn’t know just how great she was until listening to her today.  her music is bright and infectious and just a joy to listen to.

Lyndsey and her band mates started a Kickstarter project to fund their next album, All Ways in a Good Way.  they began recording the songs, mostly live, in late March, and the full-length album is almost ready to send off to press.  the tracks include strumming from the ukelele, banjo, mandolin and guitar, the beautiful tones from an upright bass, and even a magical drum kit made of pots and pans, an abacus, suitcase and other fun noisy things.  you can read their story, help fund their new album and listen to a sneak peek from their new album here.

below is a video from their Humboldt Live Session, making me smile today.  another song I really REALLY love is this one titled The Summer You Were Two.  enjoy.



guest post : sweet jams


while my family and I are enjoying fun in the sun in the Philippines, I’ve asked a few of my favorite ladies to contribute a little guest post for Unruly Things.  this awesome mix is from the lovely Kate Miss

I’ve been working on this particular mix for quite a while, an ever-evolving collection of songs I put on to relax a bit to – whether it be while working or just hanging out at home. Some new, some old, some that I’ve put on more than one mix in the past. I imagine I’ll keep adding it it on Spotify, every time I hear a sweet jam that has that certain quality that fits. Happy listening!

Spotify : listen here
8tracks : listen here

thanks so much Kate!



little things : kiddo tunes

dancing kiddos

Wolf loves to dance.  he’ll stand in front of the stereo system and excitedly yell, “SONG! SONG!” and then bounce and spin in place when his songs come on.  while he tends to love all tunes with a good beat, he’s definitely expressed a genuine love for certain songs.  good thing they’re all songs that are adult approved.

wanna hear some his favorite jams?