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seventh generation : au naturel

Unruly Things for Seventh Generation

when you think about the products that you’re putting on your little babe, you want nothing but the best, right? organic and natural but most importantly, toxin free. best put – au naturel.

even though Wolf is now potty trained and only wearing diapers at night, we choose to diaper him in Seventh Generation diapers because for one, they not only worked the best with his sensitive skin but we felt better knowing that they are free of fragrances, petroleum-based lotions, chlorine processing and bleach.

Seventh Generation put together an amazing little video called Au Naturel promoting their diapers and it’s way cute – check it out here.

Unruly Things for Seventh Generation

as you know, I’ve partnered with Seventh Generation to help spread the word about their Toxic Freedom Fighter Campaign. the Toxin Freedom Fighters Campaign is collecting signatures, with a goal of reaching 100,000, and delivering them to Congress on April 30, 2014. and they’re ALMOST THERE! the signatures will strengthen the movement behind chemical reform and will encourage that decision-makers change the necessary laws.

thanks to those of you who have already signed and supported Seventh Generation’s fight for safer chemicals. if you haven’t signed the petition, have a look at the campaign here. there’s only about 3000 signatures left until they reach their goal.

{images courtesy of Seventh Generation. this post is in partnership with Seventh Generation but rest assured, the thoughts and words written are of my own opinion. thank you to companies like Seventh Generation for not only making the world a better place, but for keeping this little blog alive.} 


Ergobaby design contest

Unruly Things for Ergobaby Design Contest

hi friends!! exciting news today. some time last year, the folks at Ergobaby invited myself, as well as two other designers, to participate in a design contest to create the next Ergobaby Carrier! my submissions are up and the voting begins TODAY!

after working on patterns for nearly two months, I’m really thrilled with my final designs. we each submitted a few different designs to Ergobaby, and they chose the final two from each designer. my designs are loosely inspired by woven fabrics and the end result is fab! I sure hope you think so, too!!

if you’d be so kind, hop over to Ergobaby’s Facebook page and vote for your favorite design, which I sure hope is one of mine! and thank you! the voting ends April 5 at midnight PST.

you can click directly to my designs here : design no. 1 | design no. 2

Unruly Things for Ergobaby Design Contest

unruly things + seventh generation

Unruly Things for Seventh Generationhi friends! exciting news to share with you today. I’m pleased to announce that I’ve partnered with Seventh Generation to help spread the word about their Toxic Freedom Fighter Campaign. Seventh Generation has worked for 25 years towards creating healthy home by delivering plant derived products using bio-based ingredients. we’ve been using Seventh Generation products in our home for almost a year now and haven’t looked back. I feel so much safer knowing that I’m not dousing my home with chemicals while cleaning. especially with little ones in tow!



little things : here comes number two!!

Unruly Things | here comes #2!

get ready world – this kid is going to be a big brother!! I’m due mid-September with our second child and could not be more thrilled. I posted this pic on Instagram over the weekend and I know many of you already guessed it. it’s difficult to hide when you’ve got babies on the brain. plus I’ve popped so much sooner with baby #2 than with Wolf so I’ll share a bump pic soon. as I enter my second trimester, I’m feeling much more alive and I’ve finally gotten my energy back. to be perfectly honest, so far this pregnancy has been even easier than the first {which was pretty easy in itself!} Wolf is pretty excited, for as much as we think he really understands. he’s convinced he’s going to get a baby sister and tries to peek down my shirt to find her. me, I think it’s a little boy. we’ll find out for sure late April.

I’ve got a few exciting kiddo related partnerships coming up this year and I can’t wait to share more with you next week.

this is looking to be a wonderful year, friends!


little things : pinning with

unruly things | little things : photo of The Brown Family by Leah Verwey

I’ve partnered with for a month long Pinterest campaign in which I’ll be sharing my favorite necessities for the littlest member of your family. from adorable onesies and tiny wooden toys to nursery decor and baby gear, there will sure be lots of wonderful things for you to discover. follow along if you’d like!

these photos are from our early days with Wolf. he was so small! hard to believe he’ll be three in just a few short months.

unruly things | little things : photo of The Brown Family by Leah Verwey unruly things | little things : photo of The Brown Family by Leah Verwey

{photos for Alyson Brown by Leah Verwey}