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a printable valentine


Happy Valentine’s Day!  I hope your day is filled with love and sweetness.  I never cared too much for Valentine’s Day until this year.  Wolf has two Valentines – lucky guy!!  and to see how excited he got when he opened up their cards just filled my heart with love.  today he colored and stickered some cards to give to the girls at the daycare he goes to.

in spirit, I also created this fun, printable Valentine’s Day word search for the Ergobaby blog.  download it for free here!  sending love your way and hope you get something sweet today.


right this second…


I’ve been thinking a lot about:
color schemes.
the outdoors.

I’m remembering:
the sun.
the beach.
his words.

because I’ve got a:
pretty new ring on my finger.

I’m excited to officially tell you that:
we’re engaged!

I’ll tell you about it next week. right now I’m soaking in the newness with my mind high in the clouds and heart full of love. have a nice weekend, friends!
{from katez0r}


I simply had to

when I spied this on Smitten today, I had to jump over to the site to see more. then, when I found this one, I grinned from ear to ear and immediately said it to dlb. tetris is big in our house, constantly battling for the high score. but since it was so out of the blue, of course he didn’t get why I was saying it, which made me grin even more, but I thought it was funny all the same. and like Joanna, of course I just had to come up with some of my own too:{from I love you more than blank}