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mama things : leader bag co.

mama things : leader bag co. | unruly things

during my pregnancy with Wolf, I hunted high and low for a stylish diaper bag that I’d feel happy carrying. I never did find one that was specifically a diaper bag and ended up using a simple backpack that worked out just fine, but it was definitely missing that diaper bag element.

enter Leader Bag Co., founded by three sisters-in-law who all had baby boys within the same year. a few months back, I met with one of Leader Bag Co.’s founding mamas, Meghan Nesher, for a sneak preview of their new US-made bag – the Julien Backpack. I was literally drooling over every single detail. they’ve seriously thought of everything when it comes to creating a diaper bag that’s not only stylish, but über functional with all the necessary bells and whistles. it’s hand-crafted of water repellent 14oz duck canvas paired with vegetable tanned leather and a wipe clean nylon interior. each backpack comes with a matching leather change pouch and padded change mat, plus it’s got plenty of pockets and interior space to keep all the stuff you need for baby {or toddler} packed tight.

just perfect, right? the Julien Backpack is now available in limited quantity on their site. I dare you to take a peek and tell me you’re not in love.

mama things : leader bag co. | unruly things mama things : leader bag co. | unruly things mama things : leader bag co. | unruly things mama things : leader bag co. | unruly things mama things : leader bag co. | unruly things

{images courtesy of Leader Bag Co. | life style images by Dan McMahon | product images by Leah Verwey}



mama things : life at 30+ weeks

unruly things | 30 weeks pregnant

tomorrow I’ll be 31 weeks pregnant. I can’t really say I’ve got much to complain about aside from just feeling very pregnant. and HOT! darn those 90+ degree days.

second pregnancies are so funny. and it’s so true what they say about the second baby not getting as much attention as the first. remember last time, when I took a picture of my bump every week? this time around I’ve hardly taken any. time has been flying by. plus, I haven’t been feeling especially cute this time. I started off a few pounds heavier than I did with Wolf, so already I was feeling larger. with second and subsequent pregnancies, you start to notice your bump {or bloat as I’d like to call it} sooner due to familiarity within the body so I’ve felt large the whole time. plus, this boy is hanging out right around my lungs and rib cage, making breathing, standing for too long or walking up stairs tough and all I’ve wanted to wear are my maternity shorts that have that giant belly band for extra support. but I finally got Levi to snap a few pictures of me this past weekend on our neighborhood walk. and surprisingly, I was limber and stable enough to get up on that rock. ;)

here’s to spending the rest of the summer getting bigger and rounder! and deciding on a name. this little guy is still totally nameless.



mama things : keeping stylish and cool

mama things : keeping cool | unruly things

at 7.5 months pregnant with temperatures rising outside, I’m beginning to feel a wee bit uncomfortable. so I’ve been looking for ways to keep cool while staying stylish during these hot summer months. airy dresses, tanks, shorts, bathing suits, cover ups… and of course, popsicles.

so far, the only maternity clothes that I’ve purchased have been shorts, leggings, a few tees and a bathing suit. I’ve just been wearing regular styles that are longer, have higher elastic or drawstring waists or are made of more forgiving fabrics like gauze or cotton. these tanks are my favorite for wearing under shorter blouses or on their own and admittedly, I’ve got 3 in white and 3 in black – they’re THAT good. and since the belly is getting bigger, sandals that don’t require buckling are the best since bending over has become a little cumbersome.

mama things : keeping cool | unruly things

in addition to light-weight clothing, I’ve been eating my fair share of popsicles and drinking lots of iced tea. plus, I’ve been spending a lot of time hanging out with Wolf in his kiddie pool. heck, it’s big enough for the both of us!

here’s a few of my favorite summery pieces for maternity and beyond:

mama things : keeping cool | unruly things

what are your favorites for keeping cool while pregnant {or not} over the summer?

photography via 100 Layer Cakelet | top photo by Poiema Photography, bottom photo by Max & Friends
one : tank / two : hat / three : bikini / four : necklace / five : sunnies / six : shorts / seven : tote / eight : popsicle book / nine : popsicle molds / ten : sandals / eleven : coverup



mama things : motherhood

mama things : motherhood | unruly things

it’s a pretty fantastic thing, being a mother. there’s no equal joy in life than watching your child grow up. so in honor of Mother’s Day yesterday, I thought I’d post a few shots of beautiful moments throughout motherhood.

mama things : motherhood | unruly things mama things : motherhood | unruly things mama things : motherhood | unruly things mama things : motherhood | unruly things

find more here.



happy mother’s day!

unruly things | Mother's Day happy Mother’s Day! this boy makes me ridiculously proud to be a mama. and I can’t wait for that day this fall when I’ll be mama to not one, but TWO sweet boys. I think my heart may explode.

I hope all you mamas and mamas-to-be had a lovely day. xx



curated for : vuela boutique, mother’s day edition

curated for : vuela boutique, mother's day edition

Vuela Boutique has some fantastic gift ideas for Mother’s Day, from cute leather pouches to birthstone rings. here’s just a few of my favorite picks that not only would I send my mother, but I’d love to receive myself.

one : a bright new necklace / two : a locket to store pics of her sweet babies / three : a ceramic plate for all her trinkets / four : a sapphire ring for mamas with September babies / five : a fresh collection of tea towels for her kitchen / six : an emerald ring for mamas with May babies / seven : stylish earrings for date nights / eight : a clutch that doubles as an iPad case / nine : a pretty hanging planter 



Ergobaby design contest

Unruly Things for Ergobaby Design Contest

hi friends!! exciting news today. some time last year, the folks at Ergobaby invited myself, as well as two other designers, to participate in a design contest to create the next Ergobaby Carrier! my submissions are up and the voting begins TODAY!

after working on patterns for nearly two months, I’m really thrilled with my final designs. we each submitted a few different designs to Ergobaby, and they chose the final two from each designer. my designs are loosely inspired by woven fabrics and the end result is fab! I sure hope you think so, too!!

if you’d be so kind, hop over to Ergobaby’s Facebook page and vote for your favorite design, which I sure hope is one of mine! and thank you! the voting ends April 5 at midnight PST.

you can click directly to my designs here : design no. 1 | design no. 2

Unruly Things for Ergobaby Design Contest



mama things : hatch collection

unruly things | mama things : hatch collection

good morning friends! and happy Monday. I hope you had a lovely weekend. as you know, on Mondays I usually run a category called little thingssince I’m pregnant with our second child, I thought I’d also include a mama things category where I can share fashion, advice and tips for mamas.

what better way to kick off this category than with the new spring line from Hatch Collection. I’ve always been such a fan of Hatch Collection and the spring line is just perfect. that jumper, those cropped pants, and of course, that sweep dress are just a few of my favorites.

unruly things | mama things : hatch collection unruly things | mama things : hatch collection unruly things | mama things : hatch collection