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Ergobaby design contest

Unruly Things for Ergobaby Design Contest

hi friends!! exciting news today. some time last year, the folks at Ergobaby invited myself, as well as two other designers, to participate in a design contest to create the next Ergobaby Carrier! my submissions are up and the voting begins TODAY!

after working on patterns for nearly two months, I’m really thrilled with my final designs. we each submitted a few different designs to Ergobaby, and they chose the final two from each designer. my designs are loosely inspired by woven fabrics and the end result is fab! I sure hope you think so, too!!

if you’d be so kind, hop over to Ergobaby’s Facebook page and vote for your favorite design, which I sure hope is one of mine! and thank you! the voting ends April 5 at midnight PST.

you can click directly to my designs here : design no. 1 | design no. 2

Unruly Things for Ergobaby Design Contest



lettering 52

lettering 52 : work by Alyson Brown

at the beginning of the year, I took on a different kind of 52 project. each week I’ve uploaded a different quote or phrase to my Dribbble account, which I’ve hand-written then computer edited. it’s been a fun and exciting way for me to practice my style of lettering. you can follow along on Dribbble if you’d like!

lettering 52 : work by Alyson Brown lettering 52 : work by Alyson Brownlettering 52 : work by Alyson Brown lettering 52 : work by Alyson Brown lettering 52 : work by Alyson Brown lettering 52 : work by Alyson Brownlettering 52 : work by Alyson Brown lettering 52 : work by Alyson Brown
all work by Alyson Brown. if you’d like to work together on a project, have a look at my recent work or portfolio and get in touch!



recent work + the weekly ring : satomi kawakita jewelry

SAtomi Kawakita Jewelry, logo by Alyson Brown

earlier this year, I had the pleasure of working with Satomi Kawakita, one of my absolute favorite ladies ever, on a logo for her new website.  I’ve developed an online friendship with Satomi over the years and couldn’t have been more thrilled and honored when she asked if I would design her logo.  we worked on perfecting it for a few months and ultimately landed on the one shown above, a custom tooled type, filled with a gorgeous gold foil texture.  I also created an icon to be used on the inside of her jewelry boxes as well as other places in her packaging.

Satomi Kawakita Jewelry, logo by Alyson Brown

in conjunction with the NY Capsule show this week, Satomi launched an entire new website with the new logo AND a new collection – her first new pieces in years!


Satomi Kawakita Jewelry


as usual, Satomi just blew me away.  she’s just so good.  here are just a few of my favorites from her incredible new collection.

Satomi Kawakita Jewelry Satomi Kawakita Jewelry

incredible, right?  go look at the rest of the new collection, but be warned – it’s almost too much to handle!

{top images of new logo design by me, bottom images from Satomi Kawakita Jewelry}



show me your stack : alyson brown

Unruly Things / Show Me Your Stack :: Alyson Brown

you guys, I’ve been dying to share my stack with you and have finally gotten the chance.  I’ve been awed at the response for this series and the incredible stacks that have been sent my way.  there sure are some beautiful rings out there!!  here are some details about my stack…

I wear my rings every day.  I wear them while I’m working out, cooking, sleeping, showering, swimming, hiking… you name it.  I do, however, take off my tiniest rings while I’m sleeping because after temporarily loosing one in the bed at night, I decided that was best.  the rest are permanent fixtures on my fingers and that’s what has been so important to me in developing my look.

my stack has taken me years to perfect, starting with my gorgeous engagement ring.  it’s a grey rose cut diamond from Kate Szabone.  I adore the ring so, so much, and naturally the significance that it represents.  it’s created the mood for my stack and I’ve built my collection around it.  with my engagement ring I’m wearing the black diamond circle eternity band by my friend Satomi Kawakita and one of the gathered rings from my friend Jen of Takara.

Unruly Things / Show Me Your Stack :: Alyson Brown

on my left pointer finger I’m wearing the Milkyway topaz ring from Julie Cohn and the sapphire Dais band from Bario Neal.  since both of my parent’s birthdays are in September, I got the sapphire band to honor them.

the top two rings on my right middle finger are also by Satomi Kawakita: her signature hexagon diamond ring and a tiny emerald – Wolf’s birthstone.  Satomi sent me the emerald ring after Wolf was born.  she sweetly engraved his name, birthdate and time of birth on the inside of the band.  on my right ring finger is the sterling silver Klaia triangle ring by Odette, a beaded gold band from The Philippines and my original wedding band from Kate.  I love the dimension and texture that these three add to my stack.

my tiniest rings that I wear are my middle finger diamond knuckle cuff ring from Jennie Kwon and my pinky ring from Porter Gulch.  I fell in love with Jennie’s collaboration with Of A Kind but it sold out so fast, so I contacted her directly and she made me a custom ring, similar to the one at OAK.  I found the moissanite pinky ring on Scoutmob Shoppe and it’s by Porter Gulch.

Unruly Things / Show Me Your Stack :: Alyson Brown

and there you have it – my stack!  and you know what’s funny?  even though I feel like my stack is complete, I’m constantly browsing for additional rings to add to it.  I can’t help it.  I’m hopelessly addicted to rings and have been for years!  if you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’re familiar with my ring category, which dates back to 2008! if you’re new – check it out!  you won’t be disappointed.

thank you again for your excitement about this series!  I’m completely booked up to the middle of November with gorgeous stacks lined up but feel free to send me an email with your stack photo for consideration.

details about my stack – grey diamond engagement ring {similar} : kate szabone / black diamond circle eternity band : satomi kawakita / gathered ring : takara / diamond cuff ring {similar} : jennie kwon / dais sapphire band : bario neal / milkyway topaz ring : julie cohn / hexagon diamond ring : satomi kawakita / tiny emerald ring {similar} : satomi kawakita / klaia ring : odette / beaded gold band {similar} / hammered gold band : kate szabone / stackable moissanite ring : porter gulch from scoutmob / serpent cuff bracelet : odette / friendship bracelet by me

{all photography by me}



little things : ergobaby swaddler

the Swaddler - Unruly Things for Ergobaby - photography by Alyson Brown

I absolutely love swaddling babies.  they’re so snug and comfy and warm!  with Wolf, we diligently swaddled him until he was *ahem* probably a bit too big to still be swaddled.  but he loved the comfort and security of the swaddle around him.  plus, it doubled as a blanket over the winter.  I loved how cozy he seemed and how quickly it would help him fall asleep.

about a month ago, Ergobaby released an exciting, new product – you guessed it, a swaddle!  I was really excited to hear about it, so Ergobaby sent me one of their swaddles to test out and photograph.  since I don’t have a tiny swaddle-able baby anymore, I asked my friend Ashley and her adorable little lady Ariana to model for me and provide a little review.

from Ashley… “I recently tried the Ergo swaddle and found my daughter would sleep much longer and harder during nap time. I could also get her to fall asleep much faster without her constantly being disrupted by her body flailing around & jumping at every little sound. She seems to feel more secure when sleeping with the Ergo.”

the swaddle was super easy to use and snug without miles and miles of fabric.  I can’t wait to get one once we’ve got another little baby to swaddle.  to test one out yourself, hop over to Ergobaby’s site to check them out and read more.

the Ergobaby Swaddler - Unruly Things for Ergobaby - photography by Alyson Brown the Ergobaby Swaddler - Unruly Things for Ergobaby - photography by Alyson Brown the Ergobaby Swaddler - Unruly Things for Ergobaby - photography by Alyson Brown the Swaddler - Unruly Things for Ergobaby - photography by Alyson Brown

{photo by Alyson Brown from Ergobaby.  thanks to Ergobaby for graciously gifting this swaddle to little Ariana!}




recent work : mavenhaus

Mavenhaus, logo design by Alyson Brown

I recently worked with one of my very favorite bloggers, the lovely Mrs. French of Bliss, on a exciting new endeavor that she’s begun.  together with her sister Tara, Traci started a media company that focuses on bringing the power of pinners/mavens together with brands/talent.  thus Mavenhaus was born.

I worked with Traci on the logo and site design.  then my husband Levi developed it.  {we’re a good team}  have a look!

Mavenhaus, website design by Alyson & Levi Brown Mavenhaus, logo design by Alyson Brown

if you’re interested in working with me on a project, check out my most recent work on Dribbble or on my portfolio and get in touch!



little things : Ergobaby – Love Carries On

Ergobaby #LoveCarriesOn - photo by Alyson Brown, Unruly Things

Ergobaby invited me to participate in their Love Carries On campaign with some photography for their site.  I jumped at the opportunity because #1 – I LOVE Ergo and #2 – it gave me the chance to get out there and use my camera for something other than photographing Wolf.  I asked my friends Lindsay and John and their adorable kiddo, Oscar, to model for me.  we spent the morning leisurely walking through Drake Park and Downtown Bend.

here are a few favorites from the shoot.

Ergobaby #LoveCarriesOn - photo by Alyson Brown, Unruly Things Ergobaby #LoveCarriesOn - photo by Alyson Brown, Unruly Things Ergobaby #LoveCarriesOn - photo by Alyson Brown, Unruly Things Ergobaby #LoveCarriesOn - photo by Alyson Brown, Unruly Things

you can see a few of my pics, along with pics from other incredible photographers, up on the Ergobaby website in a collage that they created for the site background.  stay tuned for additional pics from my second shoot and more details about the #LoveCarriesOn campaign.



recent work : on dribbble

graphic design work by Alyson Brown

have you ever heard of Dribbble?  it’s a community of designers sharing screenshots of their work, process, and projects.  I’ve taken to it pretty strongly over the past year and have posted more work on there than I have updated my portfolio.  plus, the social aspect of it makes posting your work really fun!

it’s been awhile since I’ve shared some of my recent design work – in part because two of the most recent projects that I’ve worked on are still top secret for now and also because I’ve been, well, busy!  these are a few of my recent shots that I’ve posted on Dribbble.  you can see more and follow my shots here.