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a planter for a dream home

Robin’s post yesterday about her apartment got my thinking about my own. actually, it got me thinking about how much I can’t stand my own apartment with those ugly yellow/white walls, that yucky tan carpet, and the awful layout. when dlb and I first moved here, we thought finding a place would be really easy. we were quite wrong. well, at least in the price range we were looking, location, and the fact that we were driving around not knowing anything about the city. we had been staying in a hotel for 5 nights, and finally got desperate for a place and ended up taking the first one that we semi liked and could afford. and we’re counting down the days until our lease is up. the only thing that keeps my happy about it is we are in a great location. and I have covered parking.
lately, we’ve been dreaming about having our own house. hardwood floors, a porch with real grass and plants, a garden, a big roomy kitchen with lots of cabinet space, two bedrooms, enormous windows that let lots of light in, and lots of space to decorate. I think I’d like this hanging ceramic planter for my porch. maybe two.
{from doe}


I thrive on routine.

I am no longer in the ranks of the unemployed. I’ve officially been given a job offer. my first day is Monday and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I’m excited about actually starting my life here in Portland. I’ve felt as though I’ve been here, but I haven’t felt yet like I lived here.
I still have Florida tags on my car.
I still have a Florida driver’s license.

and… I didn’t have a real job.

I’m pleased as punch for my new job. I like the people I’ll be working with and I hope dearly that it’s not another ISM disaster!

so, on another note, I’ve decided rather than trotting around town, shopping without “shopping”, I’d take today to be productive. I’ve got things I need to be working on that I’ve been putting off for some time now. besides, it’s a little overcast this morning. I couldn’t help myself on those gorgeous sunny days we’d had this week. I needed to escape the apartment!

I’m off to be productive and creative and happy.
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I’d love….

…to make ice cream sandwiches. there’s just something so great about a big ball of ice cream smooshed between two gooey cookies. they’re like tiny little sandwiches filled with joy. yum.
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pretty purchases

yesterday, I finally got the chance to head up to Michaels to check out the Martha Stewart Craft collection. I have to admit, though there was a lot of really cool stuff, I was a little disappointed. maybe it’s because I was picturing aisles and aisles of crafty goodness. but anyway, I did find some very very amazing things: self-adhesive ribbon for packaging, great wrapping paper and tissue colors, and gorgeous eyelet note cards. I also found a great box, actually called a specimen box, that will perfectly display the recipe cards for my Grandmother. I plan to buy some pencils or colored pens to place inside the box next to the cards. it’s a perfect fit! and ok, ok….I didn’t buy the floral lace punch, though I saw it, and want it so badly. imagine all the little things you could make!!! I’d go punch crazy.
{images from m.s.c.}


I’m armed.

I decided, with the major changes come up in my life, it was about time that I get down to business. as recommended by Sarah of favourito, I purchased The Anti 9-5 Guide, which is a really interesting book about living and working outside of the cubicle. I’ve only begun reading it, but so far, I’m very intrigued. yesterday I went to Pearl and purchased two new sketchbooks. I’m so into yellow these days, so it’s not surprising that when I saw this yellow linen sketch book, I knew I had to have it. I also bought a sketch-note pad, which is pretty cool, it’s got lines on half of the page, and blank paper on the other half. and of course some new pencils, pens, and eraser.
now, I’m off to create. :)



“live for eachother”
this was the quote on my tea bag this morning. I drink Yogi Green Chai Tea occasionally, and each tea bag has an inspiring quote from Yogi Bhajan, the real yogi behind Yogi Tea. In 1969, Yogi Bhajan came to America to teach the techniques of Kundalini yoga and Ayurvedic living. I find some of his quotes to be very inspiring. like this one. live for eachother. it’s a nice thought to know that ultimately you live for yourself, and benefit yourself by working out, eating right, being happy, and staying healthy. but our actions affect everyone we pass in our lives. so if you think about it, by doing one thing for yourself, you may be inspiring another. my boyfriend hasn’t always lived as healthy as he lives now, and he was originally inspired by a friend to start working out, eating more healthy, and to stay fit. this isn’t to say that if he hadn’t met this friend, that he wouldn’t have worked out. ultimately, I do things for myself, to make myself look and feel better, but I feel as though, if it weren’t for his desire to be healthy, I would not be as healthy as I am today. I look at myself a year ago, and I tried to eat pretty healthy then, but I was partying a lot, staying out late, eating fatty foods, and not going to the gym. now I am taking vitamins and supplements everyday to imporve my health, I use mostly organic and natural products without dangerous chemicals, I work out, I have pretty much elliminated sweets from my diet, and I feel 1000% better about my self than I ever have.

so think about things a little differently today. live while thinking about the benefits of others. smile a little more. pass on your favorite healthy dinner. listen to what someone has to say, with open ears. pay attention to details. live for eachother’s happiness.

{fyi: last night I bought some vanilla soymilk creamer and made a chai latte this morning. it is so delicious!}


happy new year

happy 2007! I hope this year is the best to come for everyone. I had, quite possibly, no, actually definitely, the best new years eve, that I have ever had. it was relaxing, romantic, silly, sweet, bubbly, and special. I couldn’t have asked for more. we’re off to a new year with new experiences, suprises, and possibilities. there is so much to look forward to this year.

cheers to 2007.