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gift guide : something for the jewelry lover

2014 Unruly Things Gift Guide : something for the jewelry lover

one of my favorite gifts to receive is jewelry. whether it be simple, fancy or symbolic, it’s such a lovely gift and makes a wonderful addition to any gal’s collection. this year I’ve got my eyes on a sapphire ring {Orin’s birthstone} to pair with my emerald {Wolf’s birthstone}. here’s a few other things that have caught my eye and would be lovely gifts.

one : an edgy watch / two : a ring for her other hand / three : a gorgeous wedding band, in case you’re proposing / four : a black diamond ring that she’ll never take off / five : a locket, in brass or colored enamel / six : a delicate yet statement worthy necklace / seven : a grown up friendship bracelet / eight : a beautiful bronze pendant adorn with garnets / nine : initial earrings so she can celebrate her faves {I’d get O&W} / ten : turquoise and diamond earrings / eleven : a curved cuff for her wrist / twelve : a bold necklace that she’ll wear on the most fancy occasions / thirteen : the most dainty staple earrings / fourteen : the moon and the stars for her ears / fifteen : heart studs that she’ll wear every day / sixteen : a classy watch so she’ll never be late / seventeen : classic pearl earrings with a twist

a few special offers from my favorites…
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Julie Cohn – save 25% on any order with UNRULY at checkout, today through December 14.

more from the 2014 gift guide next week!
see our additional gift guides: 2013 and 2012.

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show me your stack : teresa allaire

show me your stack : Teresa Allaire | unruly things

it’s been awhile, right? I’ve missed sharing stack photos. today’s lovely stack comes from a long time reader of Unruly Things, Teresa Allaire. it’s fun to hear from readers for this series, don’t you think? here’s what Teresa has to say about her stack…

The gold, rose gold and silver knuckle rings on my pinkie and middle fingers are from Hilla Lande from HL Collection in Tel Aviv. I love how versatile they are, they match everything I wear and compliment each other perfectly.

The black onyx ring is from a tiny native trading post near Lake Quinalt on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, it changes color in the sun.

The gold filigree V shaped ring on my index finger was my mothers, a present sent from my great uncle in Italy on the day she got married.

The three wavy rose gold knuckle rings on my index finger (and one on my middle) are from a Christmas market in Devon, England.

My thumb ring is a hammered, hand stamped silver band from Cinnamon Sticks. It says ‘when words fail, music speaks) and it was a gift from a dear friend when I started getting involved in the music industry.

The turquoise ring on my index finger of the other hand is from an indian market in New Mexico. I had the perfect turquoise ring in my mind for years and after a full day of looking for it during my first trip to the southwest, I found this one in a tiny stall presided over by the biggest native man I’d ever seen. He gave me 30% off because I was so happy to find it and shrieked when I saw it. It’s a very green-aqua turquoise, which comes from a very specific part of New Mexico and this particular deposit is only mined by one tribe.

The thin gold band on my middle finger is part of a set of 3 delicate gold hammered bands from Donna at Blue Crab Bay that my boyfriend bought me our first Christmas together. The other two are on my ring finger next door.

And finally, on my ring finger is my grandmother’s and great grandmother’s wedding bands, sandwiching the aforementioned thin bands from Blue Crab Bay. I recently discovered a small inscription on the inside of my great grandmother’s band, the tiniest print engraving that says ‘Forget Me Not’.

beautiful, right? I just love that onyx ring. thanks Teresa!!

do you or someone you know have an amazing stack that you’d like to share? submit photos of your ring adorned fingers to hello {at} unruly-things {dot} com.


show me your stack : betsy & iya production staff

show me your stack : betsy & iya production staff |unruly things

today’s stack comes from the lovely production staff at betsy & iya, a favorite Portland-based jewelry collection. first off, how fantastic is this image? I gasped when I opened my email. so good, right?! I’m dying over those bracelet stacks! here’s what the production staff has to say about their stacks…

We thought it’d be awesome to show our Production Staff’s respective stacks while holding some of the tools and materials we work with everyday. These are the hands that make your betsy & iya jewelry, so it’s only fitting that they are well adorned, too!

Collectively, we share a “pile it on” mentality, even if it means having to “pile it all off” when the jewelry making gets down and dirty sometimes. betsy & iya pieces are obviously well represented here, but there is an awesome mix of vintage, one-of-a-kind pieces, and hand-me-downs that each tell an incredible story.

For people who work with their hands for a living, it makes our jobs even more enjoyable to look down and see a visual representation of people we know, memories we’ve made, and most likely, some of our own handiwork.

L to R: Kate (Shipping Assistant/Maker), Alyssa (Maker), Barrie (Maker/Assistant Buyer), Betsy (Owner & Designer), Matt (Maker)

thanks so much, you guys!! you’ve set the bar pretty high for the seriesdo you or someone you know have an amazing stack that you’d like to share? submit photos of your ring adorned fingers to hello {at} unruly-things {dot} com.