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show me your stack : annika kaplan

Unruly Things / Show Me Your Stack :: Annika Kaplan

today’s stack comes from Minneapolis jeweler Annika Kaplan. her jewelry is truly unique and has a wonderful vintage vibe. I just adore this ring, available at Ship and Shape. here’s what Anna has to say about her stack…

As a jeweler, and general jewelry lover, I have always been a fan of layered accessorizing. My friend Isa paid me the nicest compliment the other day when she said “Annika, you do excess well.” So if my stack looks a little heavy, its only because I really couldn’t omit any of these beauties for the photo, but on any given day, I may leave out a ring or bracelet, or two. While I work, all my rings come off, and sit in a beautiful little ceramic dish made by my favorite ceramicist, Ginny Sims. Much of the jewelry pictured was made by myself, unless otherwise noted.

On my left hand, from bottom to top, and then left to right:
A super chunky mexican silver bracelet, acquired from a desert weirdo in Marfa, Texas (long story) / a beautiful antique turquoise bracelet (likely Zuni), which was a gift from Jane Lundeen, who owns Lowell Lundeen Jewelry in Minneapolis, and has the most amazing personal collection of native jewelry I have ever seen / a lapis inlay silver cuff by Minneapolis jeweler Nick Lundeen (son to Jane, jewelry family!) / next are 2 rings I made for myself a long time ago – a little gold triangle peaked band, and a super colorful offset opal ring / a stack of random, textural bands in gold and silver paired with a Landscape ring from my collection / a witchy, oxidized rose cut moonstone ring, worn with a simple silver first knuckle ring / and on my thumb – I’m super into rings on my thumbs lately – is a Full Moon ring from my collection

On my right hand, from left to right, and then top to bottom:
2 cast silver rings from my jewelry school days / the love of my life, a giant rainbow moonstone beauty set in brushed silver with a sawtooth bezel / a cuttle fish cast snake ring with 14kt yellow gold eyes by Nick Lundeen paired with a Landscapes ring from my collection, and a simple silver first knuckle ring / tattoos by my bff Nona Invie – no rings needed! / a simple, matte silver pinky ring / a super special double headed copper snake bracelet from the Hmong market in St. Paul / stamped copper and brass cuffs by Nick Lundeen / and last, an everyday favorite for lots of stylish gals I know, a Brass/Hide Halfsie by Erin Smith

thanks Annika!

{photo by Maddy Nye}


show me your stack : lauren hartmann

Unruly Things / Show Me Your Stack :: Lauren Hartmann

today’s stack comes from fellow blogger Lauren Hartmann. I first met Lauren at a little photoshoot she styled for us and have continued to be friends with her via Instagram since. she’s got the cutest little girl named Fern and a boy on the way! Lauren posted a photo of her stack the other day and I love it! naturally I asked her to send along more details. here’s what Lauren has to say about her stack…

I’ve always loved rings. Ever since I was a little girl I collecting them from those quarter toy machines they’ve kind of been my thing. I go in phases with wearing earrings, necklaces and bracelets, but rings are my first love – even more now that I’m a mom since they’re the easiest accessory to wear. My daughter can’t tug at them and they don’t get tangled when I’m holding her. Rings really are the perfect accessory.

I would say that my taste in jewelry is a blend of classic and trendy and currently brass and rose gold are kind of my favorites. I adore delicate details, but worn in a tough way. I have a pretty large, white gold and diamond, vintage-inspired wedding ring that isn’t in these photos because it currently doesn’t fit (I’m 8 months pregnant). I will always love it the most of all my jewelry for obvious reasons, but I only wear it half the time since it sticks up pretty high and my husband and I have tattooed wedding bands anyway. Lately I’ve been wearing this little rose gold band from Machete that dips down in a little “V” on my ring finger. I like that it lets me show off my tattoo, but makes it feel a little more feminine. Next to that I have a rose gold bone ring from Wild Fox paired with the tiniest, vintage, white gold and diamond band that my husband got me when we were dating in college a million years ago. I love that it’s so tiny and I can play around mixing and matching it with my other rings. It adds a more delicate touch to many of them that I really like.

On my other hand I have a brass ring with little markings from Portland jewelry designer Seaworthy. It was part of my payment for styling a photo shoot for her a couple of years back. I love her work and she is hands down one of my favorite jewelry designers – her unexpected details are fantastic. Then I have these random impulse rings from Forever 21 – not the most exciting story, but when in suburbia…

As for my bracelets, they each have a special meaning…The top one was a birthday gift from a sweet friend from a shop here in Portland called Beam & Anchor. I wish I could remember the designer! The middle one is just from Madewell, but it was purchased in L.A. when I was on my first big girl business trip, so it felt extra special. The last one was one I got while on a missions trip in Nairobi Kenya. We worked at an impoverished school and spent most of our time doing aid work, but on one of our free days we went to the Masaii Market and I bartered for this one. It’s a nice little reminder of our trip.

Unruly Things / Show Me Your Stack :: Lauren Hartmann
left hand, rings - MacheteWild Fox, Vintage – gift from husband when we were in college

right hand, rings - Seaworthy, Cheapo F21 rings
bracelets, top to bottom – Beam & Anchor, Madewell, Masaii Market in Nairobi Kenya

thanks so much Lauren!!


show me your stack : allison burt-tilden

Unruly Things / Show Me Your Stack :: Allison Burt-Tilden

hi friends! I hope you’re enjoying the stack series this year. there have sure been some lovely ones! today’s lovely stack comes from Portland reader, Allison Burt-Tilden. here’s what she has to say about her stack…

Starting on the left side of my left hand is my wedding set, both rings are platinum and from local Portland jewelers, Equinox. My Mother-In-Law has been using Equinox since the 70′s and steered my husband there when he told her he was planning to propose to me. I am sooo picky about jewelry but he chose my engagement ring out on his own, knowing only that I preferred “Victorian” styles. I was so impressed with his choice that I never considered looking for anything else, even though he insisted it was fine with him if I wanted to. The band was hand-engraved in England, and I did pick that one out as my husband wanted me to choose it myself. I got the thinnest band they had because I felt keeping things simple was best. 

Moving over to my next finger, I am wearing a midi ring from Aoko Su and an Ojo ring from Ay Marieke, a Portland based line. I met Ay Marieke designer, Marika Emerson, a few months ago when I interviewed her for my blog. She is beyond sweet and her designs really speak to me. I was super drawn to the Ojo ring in particular due to it’s slightly mystical feeling. Not a day goes by that I don’t wear it!

On my right hand are two more Aoko Su stacking rings on my thumbs, and an Aoko Su midi above my sea urchin band by Lauren Wolfe. I’ve had that one for a few years now and absolutely love it as it reminds me of visiting the beach with my Dad, something we did a lot when I was a kid. Under that is a rounded white gold band, a gift from my Mom about ten years ago. I actually misplaced it until about a year ago and when I found it I decided it had to be worn with the sea urchin band. In fact, I have tried but just can’t wear one without the other now!

thanks Allison! such beautiful rings and I’m totally digging that tattoo! do you or someone you know have an amazing stack that you’d like to share? submit photos of your ring adorned fingers to hello {at} unruly-things {dot} com.


show me your stack : jivita harris-casey

Unruly Things / Show Me Your Stack :: Jivita Harris-Casey

sorry for the late post today! thankfully it’s a stack post I know you’ll love. today’s killer stack comes from Jivita Harris-Casey, a jewelry designer and mama to two wonderful little boys. here’s what she has to say about her stack…

The grouping changes pretty regularly, depending on the mood and sometime the nail color! They are all sterling silver rings from my collections. The open almost eye shape on the far pinky is the newest design and is called burnt water. Its shape was inspired in part by navaho rug weavings, and specifically a weaving style from the 70’s, where this ring gets its name. The stack with the lapis and snake textured pyramid is a combination I wear almost daily. The Path rings were inspired from the brick roads in Europe. I loved the way different brick work and cobblestones would intersect and create these amazing patterns. I designed several patterns so that the wearer could always be creating and changing their path. The large bezel set stone stackers and pyramids add a little sculpture to the combinations. On the other hand I have a one of a kind sapphire, gold and silver ring that I absolutely love paired next to one of my Path Rings set with tiny amethyst and nestled between hammered gold-fill bands. I don’t always wear rings when I am working at the bench, but when I don’t have my hands on my tools I love to stack on the jewelry!

love that polish and love that stack! thanks Jivita!


show me your stack : michelle fantaci

Unruly Things / Show Me Your Stack :: Michelle Fantaci

oh how I missed this series. didn’t you? today’s stack comes from a recently new-to-me-designer named Michelle Fantaci. she has a brilliant collection of gems, and her rings are just stunning. here’s what Michelle has to say about her stack…

I don’t wear the same rings everyday.  I change them up a lot, more than other jewelry.  Since they are stackable, they invite playing with different combinations.
I wore this ring combination on a day I had a meeting that called for some extra good luck or armor.
The sapphire ring is one of a kind due to the gemstone.  Natural sapphires are rare and this is a color change sapphire as well. The rope ring and diamond band are wedding rings I made for myself.  The cross ring is the first piece I made for my line.  The thorn ring is fun as a midi ring but I mostly wear it as a pinky ring.  The rings on my index finger have fancy grey and yellow diamonds.  I love fancy colored diamonds because they have fire like white diamonds but are more unexpected.  The diamond band on my middle finger is a wedding band in my line and has stunningly bright diamonds.

so thoughtful! thanks so much Michelle!


show me your stack : wing yau

Unruly Things / Show Me Your Stack :: Wing Yau, WWAKE

I’ve got a new stack photo to share with you today, friends! it’s been SO LONG since I’ve shared one with you that new readers may not even know about the series. I took a break over the holidays and have been collecting new beauties to feature. first up is Wing Yau, owner of WWAKE. I first discovered Wing’s amazing work via Instagram and I’m so happy I did. I’m a die hard fan of hers and her jewelry is just stunning. her latest collection features a beautiful combination of opals and diamonds. have a look and here’s what Wing has to say about her stack…

These are my everyday rings. WWAKE rings are designed to compliment each other, no matter the arrangement. My personal favorites are the plain gold rings because their textures are minimal, and wearing them all together has your eyes focus on the negative space between them. The same ideas apply to my pave and opal series, and though I love them, I prefer my daily wear to be on the understated side!

thank you SO much for sharing your stack, Wing! I can’t wait to add one of your jewels to my stack. do you or someone you know have an amazing stack that you’d like to share? submit photos of your ring adorned fingers to hello {at} unruly-things {dot} com.


the weekly rings : garnet & gold

unruly things | the weekly ring : garnet & gold

quite appropriate considering garnet is the January birthstone AND the Seminoles came out champions last night in the most nail-biting game I’ve ever watched. I’m one happy alum!

the stack series will start back up next week.  if you or someone you know has an amazing stack that you’d like to share, submit photos of your ring adorned fingers to hello {at} unruly-things {dot} com.

unruly things | the weekly ring : garnet & gold unruly things | the weekly ring : garnet & gold unruly things | the weekly ring : garnet & gold

{rings : Arik Kastan, arosha, Katie Diamond, Emily Amey}