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x’s and o’s from Bario Neal

unruly things | x's and o's from Bario Neal

I usually don’t get into Valentine’s Day but this year, especially now that I’ve got a kiddo who understands a bit more, I’m way into it.  I’ve found myself drawn to hearts and kisses and anything remotely tied to love.

these X’s and O’s from Bario Neal are just perfect, aren’t they?  as you would guess, I’m dying over those studs.  you could wear them anytime you’re feeling a little love.  and under $100, they make a pretty great gift if you ask me!  find them on Bario Neal’s site here.

unruly things | x's and o's from Bario Neal

lisa warninger + portland boudoir mini photoshoot

you probably best know Lisa Warninger as the lady behind the camera on Urban Weeds.  but have you seen how talented of a photographer she is?  I popped on to her blog today, Urban Sunroom, which is a collaboration between herself and stylist Rebecca Westby, and was seriously blown away by this shoot, Melissa at the Falls.  seriously stunning work.

and Portlanders, you’re in luck!  looking for something special for Valentine’s Day?  Lisa is scheduling Boudoir mini photoshoots January 24 and 25.  Makeup, wardrobe, set, location, photography.  it’s bound to be amazing.


I simply had to

when I spied this on Smitten today, I had to jump over to the site to see more. then, when I found this one, I grinned from ear to ear and immediately said it to dlb. tetris is big in our house, constantly battling for the high score. but since it was so out of the blue, of course he didn’t get why I was saying it, which made me grin even more, but I thought it was funny all the same. and like Joanna, of course I just had to come up with some of my own too:{from I love you more than blank}


with love

I was excited to hear your plans for Valentine’s day, and how you’d be spending it. I have to say, I’m a little envious of Jen’s plans to have sushi and gossip night with the girls. makes me think of my girls and our sushi nights with martinis and sake back in Florida. but tonight will be spent with my best friend and favorite person ever. we will continue a tradition started last year of cooking dinner together and spending the night at home, with no distractions. in honor of Valentine’s day I base our meal on aphrodisiacs to inspire all things associate with love.
here’s my menu for this year, with the aphrodisiacs in red:
honey soy glazed salmon
fresh green salad with ginger dressing
rosemary potatoes
chocolate covered figs
a fancy vanilla bean cheesecake with cranberry jewel topping – which I’m waiting to bake on Saturday when I have more time.
with dinner we’ll be having Fantôme Saison and with dessert, Oud Beersel Framboise. if you haven’t had a real Framboise lambic, not the syrupy mass-produced kind, I highly suggest you try one. they are pink and fruity and mixed with lots of pucker goodness and pair well with chocolate and berries.

so! with love from us to you… I wish you a happy Valentine’s day!
{a special happy congratulations to Marta and Dan, who are expecting a little bundle of joy in August!}
{and thanks to Jess for the awesome Love Songs Compilation. I’m jammin’ to it at work!}


imperial red

last night dlb was craving a beer, so after he picked me up from work we decided to head over to Rogue for a beer and some dinner. while their food is not anything to rave about, Rogue has got it down to a science when it comes to their tasty microbrewed beers.
it just so happened, that last night was the official release party of their Imperial Red Ale. it packs in a big punch at 9% abv, but the alcohol is hidden among it’s full fruity and caramel flavors. topped off with a pinch of sweet brown sugar, this American Strong Ale is a pretty good brew.
Rogue Portland is hosting a Beer and Chocolate tasting this Valentines day. 10 craft beers, 10 artisan chocolates. drinking beer and tasting chocolate with your love? it sounds like fun. for more info, see the flyer here.
{from rogue}