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shop update!

I just added 3 new pre-designed headers to my shop. these headers can be customized to your liking, including changing font styles, colors, and minimal illustration changes. I will be working over the weekend to finalize some custom orders and hopefully getting up some more pre-designed headers in my shop next week.
as always, I offer customized headers at affordable prices. these headers are completely customized to your specifications, including new, fresh illustrations and colors to match your preferences.
I also added a listing for customized calling cards as many of you have asked for these. currently the price for these is $30 for 25 cards. I will be adding some pre-designed styles of these in the future.

if you have any questions about customization or additional services, please email me.
and thanks! big news coming in the next month including some new projects, that photo shoot, and business updates.


monday + hello

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. mine was filled with fun and exciting things. crepe eating, silly singing, trail walking, pine cone collecting, beach combing, fine dining, shoe shopping {which was unsuccessful}, and re-lax-ing. but now it’s back to the daily grind. {which of course includes planning my next vacation or weekend hike!}

:: ::

I’ve got some things planned for this week, including a new feature and hopefully some shop updates. I’ve been working on some pre-designed blog headers and some flash side bar buttons and ad designs for your business or blog. I’ve also got some new note card designs to show you as well! I hope to update the shop by Friday. until then, if you haven’t already or you’re looking for a new blog header or anything else listed on my side bar, please stop by my shop or email me for more info. below are a few new headers I’ve designed.
the first one is for Casey of Vissertjes. not only does she have a fun blog, but she’s also got some beautiful pictures.
the second is just an initial mock up for a friend of mine who is starting a finance blog, but I think it’s cute so far.
the third is for Denise of Supa Soul Sista. she’s got a sweet blog and she’s from PDX!
so! happy monday and here’s to a fantastic week.


I heart food

Flora tagged me to answer these food related questions. since she and the girl before her illustrated their answers, I thought I’d play along:

one food I dislike:

three of my favorite foods:
my favorite recipe:
my favorite drink:
the dish I wish I could cook right now:
my best food/drink memory:
thanks Flora! I had fun doing this. anyone else want to join in? you don’t need to illustrate your food if you don’t want to, I just think it’s fun!! consider yourselves tagged.


work + update

since I’ve been talking about how busy I’ve been lately, here are a few things I’ve been working on:a save the date email for Melissa and her fiancĂ©, Jose! Melissa contacted me for a save the date email to let her friends and family know that she and her fiancĂ© will be eloping to beautiful Sedona, then inform them of a reception party at a later date.
Christine contacted me in search of some allergy icons. Christine creates play date cards and has a great site where you can purchase cards for your own children! she wanted the milk allergy icon to put on her own son’s card.

::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: :::

I plan to update the shop soon with some more headers and some pre-designed recipe cards and note cards. aside from that I’ve been working on custom orders and developing the new site for Sunali. I’m also working on a new project that is really special and unique and I’m quite excited about it. it’s just in the beginning stages, but I hope to have this complete in time for the peak of summer.
until then, I can create a wide range of customized designs for you including: unique illustrations, blog buttons, blog headers, customized calling cards, business cards, note cards, and more.
if you haven’t already, check out my shop for some pre-designed headers.
to see more of what I’ve designed, click here.

and as always, thanks for being loyal readers!!!


and the winner is:

thanks for all of the comments and words of encouragement about my 1000th post. I value you, readers, and I’m so happy that I could put together this giveaway for you.
so… drum roll please!!! this morning, I printed out all of the comments that were left before 5pm PST yesterday and we cut them up, folded them, and put them into a bowl. then dlb tossed them around a bit, turned his head away, and picked a comment.

the winner of 25 customized calling cards with the illustration of your choice is:

who said, “Oh! Felicitation! 1000 post & hoping for many thousands more! If I won, i know already what i’d like!! The oh so lovely poppies you recently did for the customize header!
DLB pick me, pick me!”

no joke. dlb picked you out of the bowl. we both laughed this morning because I had been joking how funny it would be if he picked you. so, Emilie, email me with your information and I’ll send you a proof asap.

to anyone else who is interested in customized calling cards, I can create 25 cards for $30 with any illustration of your choice. just email me for more info.


happy 1000 to me!

it’s pretty amazing to think, that in the fall of 2006, this blog was born. and twenty months later, I’ve reached 1000 posts. I’ve loved every single thing about blogging. I’ve loved meeting you, sharing my inspiration and wish list with you, telling you a little bit about my life, dlb, and those rats, and putting out my little two cents to the world.
so, to thank you, my loyal readers, I’m offering a little give away to celebrate 1000 posts. I’m offering a set of 25 customized calling cards, with a small illustration of your choice to a random winner! please comment on this post between today and Sunday 5pm PST with what you’d love to see on your calling card. a random winner will be pulled from a hat by my trusty side kick, dlb and the winner will be announced’s an example of a set of calling cards I designed for Sara, who’s header I also designed. she wanted a set of cards that she could give to her friends and family and whom ever might get so lucky to receive one. I printed them in three colors, so that she could have some variety. so, if you want some too, here’s your chance at a set, totally free, customized by me.

happy 1000! and thank you for reading, friends!


more headers!

Traci of bliss asked me for a custom header a few weeks ago, and as usual, I created three designs for her to choose from. and that girl, she was so in love with these two headers, she bought them both! Traci, a local to Portland, has a bliss-ful blog where she writes about her finds and inspirations. she’s got a feature to help brighten up our Mondays called, “I Heart Monday” because, she really does!
Sarah of Serendipity wanted something simple and striking, yet girly and classic. Sarah also writes about what inspires her and a little bit about her daily life. Sarah and I worked hard together to come up with the perfect fit for her blog. I’m glad she went away happy!!
you know, one of my favorite things about showing you the headers I’ve designed is possibly introducing you to a new blogger! during my process of designing, I really get to know each person, if just a little bit through email chat back and forth, and since I feel like I already know them, and really like them, I bet you will too!
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

I just added three new pre-designed headers to my shop. these headers are $25 and can be customized with your blog name and colors. go check them out for more info.
as always, to see more of my designs, please check out my tag, sunali.