currently coveting : commodity fragrances

currently coveting : commodity goods | unruly things

I’ve been obsessing over the fragrances from Commodity for a little while now. the branding is incredible and the scents, with names like Gin, Moss, Book and Tea, are completely intriguing. I love that they handcraft their fragrances using premium ingredients in small batches, leaving more room for attention to detail and perfection. and I especially love that you can test out, every scent from their men’s or women’s collection for only $9.

currently coveting : commodity goods | unruly thingscurrently coveting : commodity goods | unruly things

I was thrilled when Commodity contacted me to ask if I’d be interested in receiving one of their fitting kits to test out their different scents. now, I have to be honest. I am not much of a perfume wearer. I used to be, then for what ever reason I stopped wearing it. then I had a hard time finding a new scent that I loved that didn’t give me a headache. I’ve got a sensitive nose I suppose. but I was up for a challenge and truly loved their concept.

my favorites were Paper, Pinot and Rain, but ultimately I ended up loving a men’s scent the best: Whiskey. it’s warm and inviting, like a good Whiskey drink. I’ve been wearing it every single day and since I’m pregnant, I figured, when you can’t drinking, wear it.

for a limited time, Commodity is offering 55% off their 100ml bottles. that’s one incredible deal, you guys! enter code SOMUCHWIN at checkout.

currently coveting : commodity goods | unruly things
currently coveting : commodity goods | unruly things

for more inspiration, check out Commodity’s Pinterest page, full of lovely images.

{fitting kit c/o Commodity, but all the words and opinions are of my own. I love this little company and hope you do too! thanks for supporting the brands that support Unruly Things.}



curated for : vuela boutique, mother’s day edition

curated for : vuela boutique, mother's day edition

Vuela Boutique has some fantastic gift ideas for Mother’s Day, from cute leather pouches to birthstone rings. here’s just a few of my favorite picks that not only would I send my mother, but I’d love to receive myself.

one : a bright new necklace / two : a locket to store pics of her sweet babies / three : a ceramic plate for all her trinkets / four : a sapphire ring for mamas with September babies / five : a fresh collection of tea towels for her kitchen / six : an emerald ring for mamas with May babies / seven : stylish earrings for date nights / eight : a clutch that doubles as an iPad case / nine : a pretty hanging planter 



bario neal : mother’s day special event

bario neal : photos by Alyssa Robb | Unruly Things

still looking for some last minute inspiration for your mama this Mother’s Day? one of my very favorite jewelers, Bario Neal, is offering an incredible Mother’s Day sale event – 20% off all boutique pieces* from now until Sunday, May 11. enter code LUVMOM2014. pretty great deal, right?

Philly locals – head over to Bario Neal this Saturday May 10th from 12-3pm for a Mother’s Day event. enjoy mimosas, chips and salsa, plus that special discount right in the store.

bario neal : photos by Alyssa Robb | Unruly Things bario neal : photos by Alyssa Robb | Unruly Things bario neal : photos by Alyssa Robb | Unruly Things bario neal : photos by Alyssa Robb | Unruly Things

{*excludes engagement rings, wedding bands and fine jewelry. all photos by Alyssa Robb}



show me your stack : katie diamond

Unruly Things / Show Me Your Stack :: Katie Diamond

today’s stack comes from a lovely lady whom I really admire, Katie Diamond. I first fell in love with Katie’s jewels back in 2009 and have enjoyed following her progression as a designer. everything she designs is just beautiful! I love the unique and effortless aesthetic in her earrings, her necklaces and of course, her rings. her rings just beg to be stacked!! and here’s what Katie has to say about her own stack…

today my stacks mainly consist of rings from my own line. i usually stick with the same stack for a while and switch it up when i’m designing a new collection.  you can always tell if i’m in love with a style – once i finish that sample it goes right on my finger and i don’t take it off!  my most recent obsession has been the ruby & turquoise combination.  and my favorite ring is the hazel ring, the bottom one on my right ring finger. i’ve been doing some estate jewelry buying recently, both for myself and the website and this ring (and the forthcoming collection) is definitely influenced by my favorite finds.  i love simplicity and i’ve been inspired to create a collection of tiny rings that look sweet on their own or are the perfect addition to an existing stack.

i’ve been wearing my wedding stack for 11 years now it all started with my round brilliant diamond engagement ring and then a year later my husband, david diamond surprised me with the marquise ring that he designed using a stone that was in his family for quite some while.  the other bands are ones that he’s gifted me through our years together.   i switch these up from time to time too…. i think all of us jewelry designers have jewelry addictions so i am probably not alone when i say i have a pretty awesome collection of beautiful rings from other jewelry designers, my travels, and estate sales that i like to wear as well.

just gorgeous, right? Katie would like to extend an incredible discount to UT readers. enjoy 20% off the entire site, excluding the estate section, with code UNRULY. thank you so much Katie!

do you or someone you know have an amazing stack that you’d like to share? submit photos of your ring adorned fingers to hello {at} unruly-things {dot} com.



little things : bibizoo

little things : bibizoo | unruly things

I love the feeling of finding the perfect, one-stop shop for super cute kids clothes. Bibizoo, a new online shop based out of Washington D.C., is just that. look at all those brights and soft fabrics! with goodies from Ace & Jig kid, Nico Nico and Noe & Zoe, there’s a little bit of cuteness for all. have a peek!

bonus – enjoy 15% off any order with free shipping. use code UNRULY at checkout.

hip hip!



it’s a…

unruly things : it's a BOY!!

BOY!!! that’s right – brothers! I wanted a special way to announce this little babe and couldn’t think of anything more fun than a bunch of big balloons. so we braved a super windy day and headed to the park for a few pics. at first the news that we were having another little boy was hard. I’d always pictured myself with one boy and one girl. but I can’t say I didn’t have a hunch already that it was a boy even if I’d been holding out for the news of a baby girl. I’ve been getting used to the idea of having two little boys and the more and more I think about it, the more excited I am to be the mama to two wonderfully sweet little boys. plus, I think Wolf will just love having a little brother!

I’m almost 21 weeks pregnant, which means I’m over the hump! hopefully this little guy doesn’t play the waiting game that Wolf did and comes closer to his due date. we’re still looking at mid-September and couldn’t be more thrilled. now to think about names!

unruly things : it's a BOY!!unruly things : it's a BOY!!



right this second…

unruly things : right this second | photo by Joana Rosa Bragança

I’m absolutely LOVING:
this gorgeous weather we’re having. it feels like summer!

I’m super excited:
to share with you the gender of our sweet babe – next week!

I want:
these sandals.
this blouse.
these sandals, too.
this dress.
and this blanket.

hi friends! it’s been awhile since I’ve done a little RTS post, hasn’t it?! felt like the perfect Friday to bring it back. I hope you had a lovely week. we’ve spent every single second of the day possible outside as it’s been simply gorgeous in Bend. there’s something so calming about being outside, in the fresh air. we laid on the hammock, sprayed the hose at eachother and took bike rides to the river. all in all just a wonderful week.

as you know, I’ve partnered with Seventh Generation to help spread the word about their Toxic Freedom Fighter Campaign. well this past Wednesday, Seventh Generation delivered not only their goal of 100,000 signatures, but an exceeded goal of over 120,000 to Congress. the signatures not only showed mine and your support for a better toxin free community but is already encouraging that decision-makers change the necessary laws to ban certain chemicals. 

John Replogle, CEO and President of Seventh Generation, stood before Congress and said “As business leader, a father, and an American, I will not sit back and allow thousands of unregulated chemicals to unknowingly poison our families, our homes, and the environment. Over 120,000 Americans agree that Congress must act to protect our families.”

Unruly Things for Seventh Generation

hip hip! here’s to a better, chemical-free future. thanks to those of you who have already signed and supported Seventh Generation’s fight for safer chemicals. if you haven’t signed the petition, have a look at the campaign here

{top photo by Joana Rosa Bragança, bottom photo courtesy of Seventh Generation}