the weekly ring : givaway – a bronze ring from Julie Cohn

Julie Cohn

today is a good day, friends!  the sun is shining, the air is crisp and not too cold, and I’ve got one heck of a giveaway for you.  Julie Cohn is offering up one of her bronze beauties to one lucky Unruly Things reader.  pretty great, right?  Julie’s rings are perfect when stacked or unique enough to stand alone on their own.  I’ve got one of Julie’s rings and just love it.

to enter, visit Julie’s site and let us know which bronze ring is your favorite and leave a comment here by this Friday at 5pm.  the winner will be chosen randomly and get to pick out the bronze ring of their choice, priced at $150 or under.  lead time for a custom ring will be 2-4 weeks.  ready, go!

Julie Cohn Julie Cohn

show me your stack : laurel hill

Unruly Things / Show Me Your Stack :: Laurel Hill

today’s lovely stack comes from jewelry designer Laurel Hill.  her latest Holy Mountain collection is gorgeous and totally stackable to the max!  here’s what Laurel has to say about her stack…

I don’t wear much jewelry while I’m working, but the two rings that never leave my finger are my engagement ring and wedding band, made of sterling silver, gold, and a tiny rough diamond. I made them to be almost unnoticeable when worn, I wanted rings that were unfussy and wouldn’t get in the way while I’m in the studio.

I mostly just wear my own jewelry, but the silver Celtic knot band on my right ring finger was a gift from my mom when I was in high school.  We’re a musical family, and I inherited a love of Celtic folk music from my parents. My mom and I went to Celtic music camp in the Blue Ridge mountains one summer– I fiddle and she plays the flute. That ring was a recent rediscovery in my jewelry box, and it has become extra special because I left Georgia for the west coast this past summer.  I miss the South, my Athens friends, and my family, and the ring reminds me of road trips with her, listening to tapes of folk music.

I’m wearing a few rings from the new Holy Mountain collection, inspired the the history and mythology of Mount Everest– a silver Mountain ring on my right pinky, and two stacked bronze Climber’s knot rings on my left index finger.  I’m also wearing a few Notched stacking rings in bronze and sterling silver, and some tiny hammered silver upper knuckle rings.

Laurel was kind enough to offer a special 15% discount to all Unruly Things readers from now until November 17 with code UNRULY.

thanks Laurel!  do you or someone you know have an amazing stack that you’d like to share?  submit photos of your ring adorned fingers to hello {at} unruly-things {dot} com.


show me your stack : hannah ferrara

Unruly Things / Show Me Your Stack :: Hannah Ferrara

you that feeling you get when you see something that’s SO good, that it just makes you giddy inside?  that’s how I feel about today’s stack from Hannah Ferrara of the beautiful jewelry line, Another Feather.  Hannah’s rings were made for stacking.  they stack so incredibly well!  here’s what Hannah has to say about her stack…

I’m wearing a variety of Another Feather rings, mixed with a few of my own one of a kinds. The silver band on my ring finger is textured then cast, and all of the other rings are hand formed, hammered, and soldered from raw metals. I made the rings in this collection delicate and simple so that they could be worn everyday alone or stacked together with a variety of rings.
wearing a combination of:
crest ring in 14k gold 
crest cuff rings in silver, oxidized silver, & gold
and a little stack of range rings
beautiful, right?  have a look at Hannah’s entire collection here.  thanks Hannah!

right this second…

Wolf "Win Butler" Brown, the rockstar from Arcade Fire / photo by Alyson Brown

this week was exhausting, friends!  from feeling a little under the weather to hustling around making last minute arrangements for Halloween, I just didn’t stop going.  I’m sorry I left this space pretty quite but I hope you had a wonderful week and Halloween.  this little cutie dressed up as the lead singer of his favorite band, Arcade Fire.  if you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my video last week of Wolf dancing to Reflektor.  seriously, the kid is obsessed with the song.  sure, it was us listening to it that first got him excited about it but he’ll even tell you that his favorite song is Reflektor and that yes, he does want to hear it for the zillionth time in a row.  so what better to dress him up as for Halloween than front man, Win Butler, from their Here Comes The Night Time special.  I cut out a few Otomi creatures, stuck them to a white suit jacket and got him a little white bunny to dance with.  success!

have a lovely weekend!  we’ll be celebrating a birthday which means I’ll be making the EIGHTH annual carrot cake.  cheers, friends!

Wolf "Win Butler" Brown, the rockstar from Arcade Fire / photo by Alyson Brown Wolf "Win Butler" Brown, the rockstar from Arcade Fire / photo by Alyson Brown Wolf "Win Butler" Brown, the rockstar from Arcade Fire / photo by Alyson Brown Wolf "Win Butler" Brown, the rockstar from Arcade Fire / photo by Alyson Brown



show me your stack : emily blistein

Unruly Things / Show Me Your Stack :: Emily Blistein

today’s stack comes from Emily Blistein, who owns a little shop in Vermont called Clementine.  when Emily sent me her stacks, the opening line of her email was, “This stacks series is so fantastic, it kind of makes me want to hold everyones’ hand.”  so so true, right?  I’ve loved taking a little peek into each one of these beautiful gals jewelry box and seeing the beautiful rings that they wear.  Emily stack is nothing short of gorgeous.  here’s what she has to say about it…

My stacks are like tiny escalators, I change them daily sometimes, will go down to one and then stack as many as I can on one hand. I used to wear large rings on several of my fingers, but when I got married, I really only wanted to wear them on my ring fingers. Stacking was the perfect way to change it up. Plus, owning Clementine, I often unwrap a new ring, try it on and can’t bear to take it off. Shop owning perks. I have such an appreciation for all of the handmade artists that I’m always conscious that I’m wearing other’s stories, which is probably why I gravitate toward vintage and handmade. So, RINGS! 

Left hand, top: my wedding band is on the top of the stack on my left hand – it’s a vintage platinum with tiny diamonds that I found antique hunting for vintage linens for my wedding. It was truly my needle in a haystack, I still feel like I won the lottery with it. The next two are my favorites from Elephantine, which I sell at my shop, a featherlight one with tiny silver beads and a silver band with the littlest square sticking up. They are so simple and thin, but add the perfect little bits of edge and sparkle. The next is another favorite from Clementine, a thin silver band cast from a little tree branch made by Mani Designs, I think all of her work is magic. And finally another vintage white gold with tiny tiny diamonds and rose gold detail that I found in the antique ring section at the jeweler across the street from my shop. I stalked it for months and left several hints that went unnoticed with my husband, so on my 31st birthday I popped in and it was still there so I bought it.

Unruly Things / Show Me Your Stack :: Emily Blistein

Right hand: the rose gold heart on a silver band was my husband’s first mother’s day present to me after Julian was born, it rotates all around the stack and I love catching a glimpse of it. It is catbird for Anthropologie. Under that is my grandmother’s engagement ring. She gave it to me on my 21st birthday, back when I was a silver-only girl. I loved it, but kept it safe in my jewelry box thinking it wasn’t quite my style. It was this series, actually, that made me think of it. I pulled it out a little while back and fell totally in love with it.

just stunning!  thanks so much, Emily!